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Wild Oats fires union organizer-- the next step

Discover what we learned from unhappy Wild Oats employees.
On Saturday, September 25th, IWW union activists took the next step. We passed out flyers in Cincinnati where union organizer Tom Kappas was fired (allegedly over a couple of bananas), in Boulder where the Wild Oats headquarters is located, and in nearby Denver. Our goal is to make customers aware of Wild Oats' anti-union policies.
But we learned from ex-employees that Wild Oats treats their employees badly whether they seek unionization or not.
At one store we met four Wild Oats employees who told us they had recently been fired-- one of them from corporate headquarters.
Folks at other stores talked about unpleasant working conditions, and working years without a raise.
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The IWW is a grass roots union. This means the folks on the scene have a lot of influence over tactics and strategy. So i cannot tell you what the next step will be, that info should come from Cincinnati.
But i can tell you that Wobblies throughout the country are waiting for the word to kick this campaign up another notch.
richard myers

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