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Letter to the Sentinel Regarding Their Editorial on the Draft

A response to: "As We See It: A time for skepticism"
Dear editor,

It was with some amusement that I read your recent editorial assuring the public that there is no reason to think there will be a draft. Not that the draft is any laughing matter. The funny part was how you ended your thoughts by stating, “Don’t believe everything you hear on talk radio or the Internet. Just because words appear before (sic) doesn’t necessarily mean they’re true.?

Truer words have rarely been printed in the Sentinel, yet you missed one of the most important news medias that people should be skeptical off. That media, of course, is the print of corporate newspapers like yours.

You claim that there is some connection between what the corporate politicians of America say and what they do. Those of us who have been paying attention know better.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math. Here is the equation: (The U.S. government has completely lost control of many Iraqi cities) + (A large and growing insurrection against the U.S. occupation in Iraq) + (Massive profits remain to be made off of privatized Iraqi oil for U.S. oil corporations) + (U.S. corporate/colonial interests around the world would be jeopardized by a successful anti-colonial revolution in Iraq) + (It would take many more troops to ever even hope to achieve the objective of a stable U.S. puppet government in Iraq) - (minus) (A draft will be extremely unpopular) = The likely reinstatement of the draft after the elections no matter which of the two main pro-war corporate politicians are elected.

No to Bush! No to Kerry! Build the anti-war movement, U.S. out of Iraq now!

Sincerely, Steve Argue

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