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Santa Cruz Free Radio Station Raided!

Community Radio Station Silenced in Santa Cruz, CA
Community Radio Station Silenced in Santa Cruz, CA

Freak Radio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM Raided by FCC and U.S. Marshals


Early on the morning of Wednesday, September 29th, 2004. Freak Radio Santa Cruz (101.1FM) was raided by the combined forces of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the United States Marshals Service. All their equipment was dismantled, loaded into boxes, and put into two vehicles. There were approximately 10 armed U.S. Marshals and 4 FCC agents. The raid took upwards of 4 hours to complete. The raiders were confronted by a raucous crowd of protesters, who were not shy about letting the feds know what they thought of them and their actions. The crowd of protesters consisted of free radio djs, local community politicians, and members of the listening community. Among those present were Santa Cruz City Council members Mark Primack and Scott Kennedy, and council hopeful Tony Madrigal. Ex-mayor Chris Krohn put in an appearance. Two Congressional candidates, Joe Williams of the Peace and Freedom Party, and Ray Glock-Gruenich of the Green Party were both present to witness the federal destruction of community free speech in Santa Cruz. Joe Schultz provided hot soup, and Food Not Bombs provided bagels and pastries to sustain the assembled crowd. Media was plentiful including KION, KSBW, Good Times, MetroSantaCruz, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Cabrillo Voice, Santa Cruz Indymedia, and others. The FCC and U.S. Marshals were delayed in their departure due to unfortunate problems that developed with their tires on numerous vehicles while they were inside stripping the free radio studios bare. They were reduced to calling numerous tow trucks, which took the vehicles, agents and the stolen equipment away. The Santa Cruz community did not respond passively to this assault on their First Amendment rights, and promised the federal marauders more of the same if they ever decided to return. Freak Radio Santa Cruz promised to be back on the air as soon as possible. Stay tuned to or for fund raising announcements and further developments. Free the airwaves!

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Re: Santa Cruz Free Radio Station Raided!

Round-ups of dissidents, not equipment, are next.
How much bolder will these facists be when something worse than 9-11 happens? Be ready. The patriot act already gives these thugs the "right" to enter your home, abduct you or your loved ones without a warrant, to imprison you incommunicado as long as they want. Abu Graib tipped their hand. We've seen this before.
Prepare yourself!


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