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Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos I

FCC Agents, backed by armed US Marshals, raided Free Radio Santa Cruz on September 29, 2004.

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Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos I

although i support free radio, there are at least three non-profits in the area: KAZU, KUSP and KZSC, and at last check they provide open access for free speech. they have been advocates for many controversial topics, including marijuana decriminalization, gay rights, native american issues, homelessness, etc. so i wonder what need free radio filled other than to provide protest of corporate media ownership. as much as i hate the government, there must be some control of transmission else anarchy prevails and nobody has a clean signal. sheesh, i'm getting old.

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos I

yes you are!
Long live Free Radio!

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos I

Freak radio is a perfect inspiration for the rest of the country seeking to throw off mind killing commercial and government controlled radio.
The airwaves are stolen and may now (its likely) may only be reclaimed by unrelenting persistence and civil disobedience.
I hope that a thousand Freak Radio styled FM radio stations sprout nationwide as a result of and inspired by this absurd FCC intrusion! Perhaps that would really keep the FCC busy with things to do?

More WATTS to you Freak Radio Santa Cruz!!

Solidarity from Rochester , NY

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos I

i am deeply saddened by the loss of this valuable resource the santa cruz community has enjoyed for the past ten years... i am truly empathetic to all the folx that can no longer tune in...and to all the folx whose voice has been stolen...the fcc has done a damn good job at co-opting the radical movement that brought the lpfm licensing... and again they are serving out these vital licenses on a lottery type basis where again the religous type stations/ and not true free radio stations(run by and for the community)are getting them- i want to see all listeners of free radio santa cruz to stand up and fight for their radio station...and not let these dj's who have time and again literally put their blood sweat tears and lives on the line for this project take the brunt of this loss... there will most likely be a case ensuing and it might take years- but if not now then when?... are we really gonna stand by while they systematically take away all viable ways of commumication and free media? i surely hope not- long live free radio and free speech!!!


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