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Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos II

FCC Agents, backed by armed US Marshals, raided Free Radio Santa Cruz on September 29, 2004.

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Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos II

This is intimidation by the thought police of the plutocratic facist government of the U.S. They hate Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is known across the country for being the first city to come out against the facist invasion of Iraq.

Santa Cruz defied the federal "war on drugs" by giving medical marijuana to suffering people when the facist government would deny relief to suffering innocent people.

Long live our community!! May the facist illegitimate U.S. government fall.

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos II

Just be glad you we're not smoking POT at the time yopu we're busted!

Rule (4)(B) of the Supplemental Rules

(b) Tangible Property.

If tangible property is to be attached or arrested, the marshal or other person or organization having the warrant shall take it into the marshal's possession for safe custody. If the character or situation of the property is such that the taking of actual possession is impracticable, the marshal or other person executing the process shall affix a copy thereof to the property in a conspicuous place and leave a copy of the complaint and process with the person having possession or the person's agent. In furtherance of the marshal's custody of any vessel the marshal is authorized to make a written request to the collector of customs not to grant clearance to such vessel until notified by the marshal or deputy marshal or by the clerk that the vessel has been released in accordance with these rules.

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos II

On Thursday night, Sept 30th, George W. Bush said "America stands for freedom." This was ONE DAY after HIS FCC agents raided Free Radio Santa Cruz, a 42 watt radio station using the public airwaves to communicate free speech messages to the public.

Oh, and FRSC was highly critical of the Bush administration 4 weeks away from the election.

Coincidence? I think not.

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos II

hi from raul. sorry to hear of your misfortune.
from workers at Free Radio Berkeley and
Berkeley Liberation Radio. happy rebuilding,
raul feliz and fidelia


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