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Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos IV

FCC Agents, backed by armed US Marshals, raided Free Radio Santa Cruz on September 29, 2004.

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Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos IV

You are all a bunch of liberal terrorists. Free radio was breaking the law. If you don't like the law, pack up your granola bars and head to a different country. Have some respsect for the people and agencies that protect you.

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos IV

As an old "Post Hippie" I applaud Free Speech Santa Cruz, the city of Santa Cruz, your free spirit and culture, your citizens who seek truth, peace with others, and true "Humanity". Keep up the good work. You are an inspiration to all truly "Free People" in the World.

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos IV

I agree with George. Santa Cruz must be really proud of THIS group! Especially the guy in the old Soviet era (communist) t shirt. You bums rail against the people that protect you, then whine when you really need them. Go hug a tree.

Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz RAIDED photos IV

The FCC is protecting nobody here. Neither are you. Just like South Africa in the 80's, Reagan would not lift a finger to help stop that oppression, and the likes of those in power now will do what they can to keep regular folks down. There was no interference, only the rule of law to enforce.
When they haul your sorry ass to gitmo, who will you call?


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