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$5,000 given, $5,000 taken away

$5000 settlement TO a local political activist and $5000 of equipment TAKEN from local political activists two weeks later. Coincidence?

On September 14, 2004, the City of Santa Cruz agreed to pay off Robert Norse to drop his federal lawsuit against the SC Police Department:
SC Sentinel report

Two weeks and a day later, 16 Federal "agents" come to town to take away $5000 worth of radio and computer equipment from FRSC, equipment which, BTW, represented the previously mentioned activist's primary tool in his quest against the SC Police Department:
IMDB report

Coincidence? I think not.

As for the cost of the bust? I estimate about $10K:

FRSC bust costs

Quantity Hours Rate
Investigating agents (@ $80K/yr + benefits) 1 40 57.69 2307.69
Legal consultation (@$120K/yr + benefits) 1 8 115.38 923.08
Warrant execution agents 14 8 57.69 6461.54
Tire repair 6
20 120.00
Tow truck service 4
80 320.00


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Re: $5,000 given, $5,000 taken away

Coincidence? Yes.


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