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Protest Capleton at The Catalyst Oct. 3

Capleton is a dance Hall Reggae singer whose songs advocate the killing of gay men and lesbians. Capleton is scheduled to play the Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz Sunday Night 10/3/04, we must protest! This band promotes hate crimes and hate speech!!
Capleton is a dance hall Reggae singer whose songs advocate the killing of
gay men and lesbians.

Capleton was scheduled to headline this Sunday¹s Reggae in the Park concert
in San Francisco; in response to community outrage, and after attempts to
negotiate, Capleton¹s appearance was cancelled. The Catalyst picked him up,
and has scheduled him for an appearance here in Santa Cruz for Sunday at
8:30 pm.

If it concerns you that a singer who thinks that it¹s good to incite people
to kill queers is scheduled to sing in Santa Cruz, please do something about
it. Call The Catalyst at 423-1338 and ask them not to allow violent
homophobia on its stage; call The Catalyst¹s booking agent, Gary Tighe, at
464-1212 and tell him the same.

Ask any organization of which you¹re a member to contact The Catalyst; pass
this message along to friends; get the word out ­ and please let us know
when you¹ve called and what response you¹ve gotten ­ email
info (at) or call Merrie Schaller at 335-3568.

The GLBT Alliance will be working to get as much pressure on The Catalyst as
we can, and will keep you updated ­ but be prepared to demonstrate our
outrage on Sunday evening if Capleton¹s appearance goes on as scheduled.

Some of the lyrics from Capleton¹s songs include:

Bun Out Di Chi Chi
Bun out ah chi chi, Blood out ah chi chi
(Burn out a queer, Blood out a queer)
Blood out: as in chop, cut, stab, shootŠ is a particularly violent, graphic

Batty dem ah fuck and ah suck too much pussy
(Queers are fucking and sucking too much pussy)
In Jamaica, pussy can refer to oral sex in general, which is also considered

Blood out ah chi chi, Blood out ah shitty
(Blood out a queer, Blood out a shit (fucker))

Sadomite and batty man mi shot up....Whoa
(Sodomite and queer man, I shoot upŠ Whoa)

Give Har
Shoulda know seh Capleton bun battyman
(You should know that Capleton burns queers)

Dem same fire apply to di lesbian
(The same fire applies to lesbians)

Seh mi bun everything from mi know seh dem gay
(Say, I burn everything as long as I know that they¹re gay)

All boogaman and sodemites fi get killed
(All queers and sodomites should be killed)

Hang Dem Up
Yow....String dem up and hang dem up alive
(Yow, string them up and hang them up alive)

Bare batty man come round yah Š
(All queers who come around here)

Dis mamma earth sey none cyann survive
(This mama earth says none can survive.)

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]

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Re: Protest Capleton at The Catalyst Oct. 3

Well, Well, in Jamaica homosexuality is against the law, and crime is rampant... I'm rather surprised they're getting away with performing in Santa Cruz... Also surprising, not the sort of thing you'd expect from a reggea band, but I don't know much about reggea, so perhaps not.

Re: Protest Capleton at The Catalyst Oct. 3

this guy cannot sing either. he's just a punk ass thug.

Re: Protest Capleton at The Catalyst Oct. 3

Capleton has NEVER assaulted anyone physically, so I don't know where you get off stating he set fire to someone.

To be effctive, you must have your facts straight, otherwise you're a 'tard.

Update: Capleton at The Catalyst

I spoke with Eddy Dees, colleague of The Catalyst's booking agent Gary Tighe, who¹s out of town for the weekend, and he said that, at this point, Capleton will be appearing on Sunday evening.

Mr. Dees is not unsympathetic, but is concerned about free speech and where to draw the line on what The Catalyst presents. I suggested that not booking an entertainer who advocates killing people might be a good place to start. Mr. Dees does not have the authority to cancel Capleton's appearance, but said that the conversation is ongoing. He also said that 280 tickets had been sold for the show already; it would be good to match that number with calls of concern. Mr. Dees can be reached at Gary Tighe¹s office; that number is 464-1212.

It would also be good for allies of the glbt community to make that call; I did find that, after a while, having to try to explain why a singer who thinks I should be killed because of who I am and who I love should not be invited to perform here was overwhelming, even talking with someone who is somewhat sympathetic.

You might also want to call The Catalyst directly at 423-1338; you'll probably just get a bartender, but it couldn't hurt to let them know how you feel.

Finally, if Capleton is permitted to perform on Sunday, we will be protesting at The Catalyst. We¹ll let everyone know as soon as it's definite. If you have ideas and want to be involved in planning, please email us at


Catalyst cancelled Capleton (demo cancelled, too)

It appears that The Catalyst has cancelled the Capleton show scheduled for tonight; we haven¹t heard directly from them, but Sal Mendolia called Charlie Singer who told me, and then Charlie and I both called The Catalyst, and they confirmed that the show has been cancelled. the protest over Capleton¹s appearance is also cancelled; with the show being called off at the last minute, there will be disappointed ticket holders, and we¹d rather not have a confrontation between them and us, so go enjoy the fireworks.

Thank you so very much to everyone who helped make this happen; please call Gary Tighe¹s office at 464-1212 and The Catalyst at 423-1338 and thank them, too.

Together, we made this happen, and we had a lot of support from allies here and from queer communities across the bay area.

It¹s heartening to see that it¹s becoming harder for performers who advocate violence to get venues. Matbe someday these performers will agree to repudiate their statements, and we can stop this, but, until then....

FYI ­ Capleton¹s show in Sacramento scheduled for last night was cancelled yesterday afternoon because the community center there educated the club¹s owner.

Thank you, thank you, thank you


Re: Protest Capleton at The Catalyst Oct. 3

"so go enjoy the fireworks"

I'm glad that the show was cancelled but the fireworks scare my dog, are a waste of money, and are too militaristic to enjoy.

Re: Protest Capleton at The Catalyst Oct. 3

They should have let Capleton play. He has just a right to play here as any other artist. The people in Santa Cruz claim to be so open minded, yet they are responsible for deniying someone freedom of speech. Are you so afraid that some angry mob would come trampleing out of the Catalyst after the show looking for a homosexual to set on fire? What bad could have happened as the outcome of this show? The people who wanted to see Capleton are not a hategroup, they listen to him in thier car stereos, at home, or at a party. Do you get to see your favorite artist perform live in your home town? I dont, because my town is censored.

Re: Protest Capleton at The Catalyst Oct. 3

His freedom of speech was not denied. A private venue choosing to not allow a musician to perform is perfectly acceptable. Citizens in Santa Cruz and Sacramento were exercising their right to free speech to voice their disaproval that a music venue would allow a bigot to perform.

It's a private group that wants to engender itself to the community it serves and profits from - I see no wrong done by either the Catalyst or the public.

Now, had Capleton attempted to perform, and he was prevented to do so forcefully by members of the community, that would be a violation of his 1st amendment rights.


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