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Sprouts: Three acts of civil disobedience

This week on Sprouts: Three acts of civil disobedience Produced by Debbie Lienhart, KRFC Fort Collins, Colorado.

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This program follows up on three acts of civil disobedience:

On October 2002 three Catholic nuns symbolically disarmed a Minuteman III missile in Northeastern Colorado. This October over 200 citizens inspected 38 of the 49 nuclear missile silos in Northeastern Colorado in solidarity with the nuns in prison.

San Francisco is known as a haven for political expression, but that changed in June. Activists arrested as part of the Reclaim the Commons mobilization say the District Attorney is prosecuting them to make political hay from their cases.

Free Radio Santa Cruz has been broadcasting without a license for nearly 10 years in an act of electronic civil disobedience. On Sept. 29 Federal Marshals and the FCC raided FRSC and took the station off the air.

Sprouts is a weekly newsmagazine produced in collaboration with community radio stations across the country. The program is offered free of charge to all radio stations.


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