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Sam Farr Letter to Michael Powell of the FCC

Text of Congressman Sam Farr's letter to the FCC concerning Free Radio Santa Cruz Raid.
FRSC_raid_9-29-04_Powell_ltr[2].pdf (217 k)
Letter to Michael Powell Chairman of FCC from Sam Farr 10-04-04

Dear Mr Powell:
I am writing to express my regret at the recent actions of the FCC in confiscating the broadcasting equipment of Free Radio Santa Cruz, a low power station in Santa Cruz, CA.

As you are aware, I have previously provided testimony to the FCC voicing my concerns over the consolidation of the media and the public airwaves to larger and larger conglomerates. This process necessarily results in a loss of localized and independent views and voices, one of the hallmarks of full participation in our society and our government. While I am fully aware that FRSC was not operating with a license from the FCC, I believe that the time and resources spent on this action could have been better focused on the FCC's larger mission of ensuring that the nation's airwaves serve the public interest. I question whether the recent action directed at FRSC truly furthered this goal.

I appreciate the Commission's willingness to engage with the public on localism issues, as evidenced in the July 22,2004 hearing in my district. It is my hope that through this public participation, the FCC will see that localized media, such as low power radio stations, are an integral part of our national discourse.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.
Sam Farr Member of Congress.

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