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Free Radio Santa Cruz Relay on CMRN

It has been hard for all the listeners of Free Radio Santa Cruz to connect to the internet stream.

The Critical Mass Radio Network is helping out by hosting this relay.

Critical Mass Radio Network has created a relay of FRSC which falls-back to CMRN if FRSC is offline, then returns to FRSC automatically when it can.


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Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz Relay on CMRN

does it stream for a few seconds and then automatically stop??

try a 24k stream for dial-up

The link to the above relay is intended for users with high speed internet access.

If you are using a dial-up connection, try using either FRSC's primary 24k stream or this relay from Radio Indymedia.


Re: Free Radio Santa Cruz Relay on CMRN

THANK YOU!! the more the merrier!!


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