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Real Transformations at Burning Man 2004

Listen to this if you want to explode myths about Burning Man
Dear Friends,
Brightpathvideo is pleased to announce the first rendition
Of our new audio/multi-media documentary on
Spiritual & Social Transformations at Burning Man 2004
Our focus is to reveal some of the deep experiences going at
Burning Man. We found a rather pervasive engagement by
many participants with serious social re-engineering and
personal discovery. It is our belief that what is going on in the
Nevada desert at Burning Man is nothing less than evolutionary,
and a true source of hope for the emergence of a society based
on mutual caring, sharing and ultra creativity .
We hope you find this piece engaging and revelatory. Please visit

This was my second trip to the Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert. Last year was more of a get acquainted experience, and it was mind altering to say the least. This year I wanted to explore the deeper things in some of the lives of the people that come here. I found an astonishing level of serious committment to bringing about a better, more joyful society and a deeper sense of contact with profound interior places.From the founders to the folks on the playa, the stories I recorded here, speak to this intention. Another of my motives in compiling this audio record was to dispel the myth that Burning Man is mainly about sex, drugs and party time. Sure these things go on out here as they do in any average American city, but there is definitely more going on here and perhaps this audio statement will help to shed some light on that aspect of the experience. Though it is indeed difficult to describe what goes on at Burning Man, it is not impossible to find what you're deeply searching for. Each person brings their own unique universe to the creative mix. As theatre , this is non-stop and everyone's a participant. As inspiring societal modeling, this is I believe, unparalled.

The interviews start off with excerpts from the press conference held on the playa. Founder, Larry Harvey and other key organizational people talk about the nature and goals of this experimental society. 80 year olds, visionaries, metaphysicians, wanderers, artists, fishermen and fisherwomen, pictures and soundscapes poplulate the rest of the story.

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Re: Real Transformations at Burning Man 2004

I went to Burning Man this year. I found a bunch of overpaid yuppies pretending they were living like homeless people for one week==except they didnt have to worry about getting a ticket for illegal camping.

I did find the prohibition on selling anything to be interesting and positive. There was also a lot of incredible music there in place after place after place.

But mostly it just seemed an excuse to break all the rules. Noise rules. Decency rules. People are so disposable there.

Everyone shares stuff? One man got misted for free the year before and was subjected to some kind of drug that almost killed him.

Lots of drugs!! Lots of nudity and overt sexuality. Lots of middle-aged men ogling young college girls tits and ass. Lots of one-night stands. Very tranforming. Not!

And the number of things they built just to burn down seems to be a sign of conspicuous consumption, not some free, new-age, love-one-another transformation of the human condition.


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