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Vote Bush ? Vote Kerry ?

To vote or not to vote ? Vote Bush or vote Kerry ?
To vote or not to vote ?
Vote Bush ? or Vote Kerry ?

Call for CHOICE in election

In a sane democracy, you wouldn't have to vote AGAINST a candidate,
but FOR the one you think will best represent people (We, the people...).

In a healthy democracy, there could be more than two candidate, and each one
would have equal chances to expose their programme.

In a ethical democracy, money invested in campaigns would be less determinant
than the real political engagement of a candidate toward his public.

If democracy was taken more seriously, presidential elections wouldn't be run
like a 'Mister Universe' competition where the candidates have to PLAY good on TV shows.

Bet for a real CHANGE, vote for PEOPLE

Vote Ralph NADER !

link: Election 2004: Vote Bush ? Vote Kerry ?

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