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KPFA: Closed Door General Manager Hire Continues

NEW statement from Mike Alcalay, Lincoln Bergman, Jeffrey Blankfort, Riva Enteen, Maria Gilardin, Bill Mandel, Henry Norr, Les Radke
Hello friends,

The KPFA Local Station Board did NOT make any recommendations for General Manager at the executive session on Sunday, October 10. This was largely due to the two hours it took to approve the agenda because of the ruckus that many listeners kicked up about the closed door process.

The proposed agenda for the meeting included 15 minutes (out of five hours) to hear some of the written listener comments about the closed door process. The majority of the board present voted NOT to hear any listener comments. They also refused to record who voted against hearing listener comments. So much for transparency and accountability.

(Executive session, 10:30 AM to Noon)
Freight and Salvage, Berkeley
1111 Addison Street near San Pablo Avenue

Here are some of the comments that the majority of the board refused to hear:

"As a longtime (17 years) KPFA listener, I am deeply disheartened to hear that the selection of a new KPFA General Manager will take place behind closed doors in an executive session, away from the scrutiny and input of the listener community. Is this what we all worked so hard for when we worked mightily to wrest KPFA from the hand of corporate influences?? Please, please honor the larger mission. Do not give the community a reason to be appalled."

"I can't believe that at the very time when KPFA is hawking its wares, asking for listener support, a process is being conducted behind our backs!! An organization which professes progressive, people-first decision-making policies should practice what they preach. The listeners of a listener-supported community radio station, without question, must and should be included in the hiring process of such important decisions as the General Manager. Any backroom shenanigans will not be tolerated. We fought for our KPFA once and we'll do it over and over again as long as the threat of losing our beloved, progressive listener-supported community radio station exists."

"The process for choosing KPFA's General Manager should be an open one, with the KPFA constituency being allowed to meet the candidates and express their opinions. This was done at KPFK. The present divisiveness in the GM Hiring Subcommittee, with members resigning or being 'fired,' points to a necessity for this to be a policy, so that one faction doesn't control this process. The choice of a General Manager is crucial for the station, and s/he needs to be democratically selected, and to have a mandate from the entire KPFA community, so as not to suffer the fate of the last General Manager."

"Too, too bad, that such a fine radio station, such as KPFA, is going to hell in a hand basket. Be the progressive outfit that you were meant to be, not some elitist, secret society. Isn't it bad enough that we have to keep such a vigilant eye on our Government for robbing our civil liberties? Now we have to watch the KPFA Local Station Board too! Damn pity. You can't hide the secret shenanigans at KPFA. We know all about it as far away as here in the Green Mountains of Vermont! My entreaty to you: KPFA: STOP THE CLOSED DOOR GENERAL MANAGER HIRE!"

The need for true, independent, community radio has never been more urgent. Thank you all for your concern.

Mike Alcalay
Former KPFA reporter
and programmer of Aids in Focus

Lincoln Bergman
KPFA News Director 1969-71,
longterm programmer through 1995

Jeffrey Blankfort
Co-Founder, Take Back KPFA

Riva Enteen
Chair, KPFA Local Station Board

Maria Gilardin
Co-Founder, Take Back KPFA
and the Coalition for a democratic Pacifica,
Former KPFA Development Director

Bill Mandel
37-year programmer,
fired for refusal to obey KPFA gag rule

Henry Norr
KPFA news subcommittee,
fired from the San Francisco Chronicle

Les Radke
Co-founder, Take Back KPFA
and the Coalition for a democratic Pacifica,
KPFA Local Election Supervisor, 2003-2004

(All organizational references are for identification only.)

For more information about the General Manager hiring process,
please see our previous message,
posted on the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center at,
and Jeffrey Blankfort's recent letter, posted at

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PUBLIC FORUM: KPFA/Pacifica - Democracy Deferred?

KPFA/Pacifica - Democracy Deferred?

Wednesday, November 10, 7-9:00 pm

La Peña, 3105 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley

Panelists are:

Flashpoints, moderator

Chair, KPFA Local Station Board

former KPFA Development Director,
Co-founder, Take Back KPFA

37 year programmer fired for violating KPFA's gag rule

KPFA Local Station Board and Pacifica National Board

KPFA Director of Arts and Humanities Programming

community and political activist,
long time listener

(Organizations listed for ID purposes only)

The historic victory achieved by KPFA listeners hangs in the balance.
Once again, listeners must come to the rescue.

A panel of the "banned and fired," current programmers,
board members and community members,
followed by an open-mike session,
will address questions and propose solutions
to protect the nation's only independent radio network.

In 1999, 10,000 people poured into the streets of Berkeley
to defend KPFA, Pacifica Network's flagship radio station,
from a corporate take-over. As a result, a court settlement
was reached, which established elected governing boards.
However, the struggle for democratization, which requires
transparency and accountability, is far from over.

To solidify our victory, we must address these questions:

How do we put the community back into community radio?

Is station management listening to the listeners?

Is our elected board showing the leadership we need?

What went wrong with the General Manager hiring process?

Is KPFA really "free speech radio"?

How does our mission inform our news coverage and public affairs programming?

What about the "banned and fired?"

Is it time to take back KPFA again?

What's happening at other Pacifica stations?

Henry Norr on KPFA interview of zionist Alan Dershowitz

An example of what's wrong at KPFA:


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