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Brune/Norse Homeless Civil Rights Events Upcoming

Oral Communications 7 PM Tuesday October 26 City Hall; Take a Look at the Rogues Gallery of Incumbents Before the November 2nd Election; Join a Protest there.

Plastic Bag Distribution for Homeless Use Wednesday or Thursday To Be Announced

UCSC Kreske Town Hall Candidate Forum 8 PM Thursday October 28 Norse and Brune urge you to Dump the Incumbents

Plus some tips from HUFF writer Becky Johnson on how to use ordinary plastic garbage bags in town that has no shelter for 95% of its homeless and lots of idle cops.
Wednesday or Thursday, City Council Candidate Robert Norse (and perhaps Coral Brune) will be giving out plastic bags to houseless folks at St. Francis Soup Kitchen or the Homeless Services Center as survival aids in a cold and rainy season.

We also intend to be at City Council Tuesday night 7 PM October 26th to speak about issues and protest the prospective deaths this winter and ongoing City Sleeping Ban. A colorful protest may be in store here.

On Thursday night 8 PM at Kresge Town Hall at UCSC, Brune and Norse will both be appearing at the UCSC candidate forum encouraging city voters to Dump the Kennedy Council.

Below is a brief article by Becky Johnson that may be in the next issue of the Bay Area homeless newspaper Street Spirit:

How to use your Plastic Bag to survive on the streets

by Becky Johnson

October 25, 2004

1. Put your belongings in them to keep dry
2. Put them on the ground as a moisture seal
3. Punch holes in them to make an emergency poncho
4. Use them over your head like an umbrella
5. Make a wooden framework out of wooden pallets
Slit the bags to create flat plastic sheets, and
thumbtack them to the wooden framework to create
a dry shelter, better than many tents. Make a
wooden floor with more pallets to keep you dry.
6. Opaque plastic bags are useful for "Viet-cong
style" stealth defecation. Place excrement in
bag and tie the bag with a knot. Throw in a
dumpster. No smell. No detection.

Surviving on the streets is no picnic. Sheltering
yourself from the rain and the cold is illegal under MC 6.36.010 but you have the right to break the law to prevent a greater harm (like dying of pneumonia or hypothermia), and may use a "necessity" defense in court. For more info: contact HUFF at 423-HUFF

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Re: Brune/Norse Homeless Civil Rights Events Upcoming

"Norse and Brune urge you to Dump the Incumbents."

Does this mean you suggest a vote for any four of the five: Norse, Brune, Coonerty, Fogel, or Madrigal? I think this is a big mistake. Why suggest people to vote for candidates that are going to be the same as the ones in power?

I say vote Brune and Norse, dump the rest. For why check out this link:


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