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Fault Lines Issue 5 Hits the Streets of Santa Cruz

400 copies of Fault Lines, the Newspaper of the SF Bay Area Independent Media Center, have been delivered to Santa Cruz. More than 125 copies have been distributed at various locations in downtown Santa Cruz, and many more will go out in the coming days.
photo: Bill Hackwell

Fault Lines, the newspaper of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, aims to make independent media available to all communities through a collective process of production and distribution. By operating with transparency, we wish for the community to use this newspaper to inform the public about issues and news that concern them. Our goal is to train and empower marginalized voices to reclaim our lines of communication and speak truth to power. We are committed to disrupting business as usual by researching the stories that are blacked out by the media plutocracy, and creating a publication to be utilized as a tool for radical change in our communities. Our very existence is a statement about our refusal to accept what is filtered down to us through the ruling-classes -- we are the people, we are the media and we are dissenting from the ground up.

Fault Lines Issue 5 articles include:

  • Election Coverage
  • Million Worker March
  • Q and Not U
  • Punking the Government
  • Taco Bell Slaves
  • The Yes Men
To find out where you can get your hands on a copy of of the new issue, check the Fault Lines website.

Issues are also given out at various events around Santa Cruz, so keep an eye out for a paper with an indymedia ((i)) in the top left corner.

To help distribute Fault Lines in Santa Cruz, San Benito or Monterey County, please send an email to scimc (at) Please send all other inquires directly to the Fault Lines volunteers.


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