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The case of Huminski v. Corsones, 2004 WL 2248175 (2d Cir., Oct. 7, 2004) concerns a judge spreading news of her fear that I had a bomb in my vehicle and that I was going to blow up her courthouse. Wow -- serious stuff. I happened to have a sign on the side of my van declaring "Judge Corsones: Butcher of the Constitution". “Butcher� referred to a finding by Vermont courts that Judge Corsones violated my rights under the United States Constitution, the Vermont Constitution and Vermont state law. Recently, the US Court of Appeals, Manhattan, found that this judge violated my First Amendment rights to courthouse access and free expression when she banned me from the courthouse for life after I criticized her.

Careful reading of this case reveals that this judge kept this horrible “bomb� scenario secret from all five sheriffs and police personnel at the courthouse that day. Oddly, this “bomb� fear was not mentioned by Judge Nancy Corsones in litigation until she was enjoined by a federal court 2 years after the event. It then it became the centerpiece of her defense. One deputy on the scene testified that if law enforcement heard a hint of a potential bomb, they would have evacuated the facility and called in every available law enforcement person in the area. Perhaps Judge Corsones thought evacuation and investigation would be bad for business so she kept her "bomb knowledge" a secret from law enforcement.

Continued reading of Humnski v. Corsones reveals that my allegedly bomb-laden van was ignored during over 30 prior similar situations where Judge Corsones was not the brunt of my criticism. To be fair, Judge Corsones did place a phone call to an administrator at the state capital, he advised her to have the police investigate or banish me from the court. What course did she take concerning this "bomb" -- well let's not investigate (we know there is no bomb) let's banish him from the courthouse. For life. So they did and in doing so the net result was that they ordered me to move the feared "bomb" to Burger King or Walmart without police investigation. Apparently, the “bomb� was my criticism of this corrupt judge who chose to capitalize on terror hype to violate the First Amendment rights of a citizen that she clearly disliked.

Oddly, one solution proffered by a court official concerning the “Huminski problem� was to ask another judge to substitute for Judge Corsones. In light of the looming “bomb� concerns, this other judge must have been considered expendable by the court staff. The other judge had a full docket and could not fill in for Judge Corsones. So to spare Judge Nancy Corsones exposure to the embarrassing criticism (“bomb�), I was banned from the courthouse for life. Like any oppressor, their greatest fear is being held accountable by those they oppress.

See ruling, U.S. COURT OF APPEALS, NYC, 10/07/04

Now we have a Judge and government officials undermining constitutional rights via a corrupt use of false manufactured terror claims. When the government wants to achieve a corrupt goal they scream Terror! Bomb! and this technique has extended very effectively to the First Amendment. This reprehensible use of false terror claims to achieve illegal personal goals while capitalizing on past tragedies and deaths achieves a new low in government misconduct. Is this Judge’s conduct a violation of federal criminal statutes? Sure. 18 U.S.C. §§ 241,242 (Conspiracy Against Rights, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law) Will she get criminally prosecuted for her conduct in 2002 (too late for 1999) that resulted in my re-banishment from the courthouse --- never.

The “Butcher of the Constitution� remark was true as found by the Vermont Supreme Court. Truthful criticism seems to be the most painful speech that government seeks to silence. Judge Corsones violated my constitutional rights. When I sought to publicize her disrespect for the Constitution, true to form, she patently violated more constitutional rights, the First Amendment, and to justify it she manufactured a bogus terror/bomb story. This scenario begs for the question, just who is terrorizing whom?

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(1700 pages of depositions and court documents available to serious inquiries about this case)

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