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Boston: police kills 21-year old girl with non-lethal weapon!

60.000 to 80.000 people celebrated the victory of the "Red Sox" in Boston. However, police went crazy and shot a 22-year old girl with a "non"-lethal weapon in the eye. She died.There was no specific action she did, there were no "riots" around her, nothing. She was just celebrating and chanting with others.
Meantime police is trained to see the enemy in us, the people: this is what we learn from this murder.

Here are some reports and links:
The young woman who was killed:

The CNN website says video shows the crowd was not violent or riotous:

"However, video from the scene where Snelgrove was struck showed the crowd in a joyous mood, slapping high fives and chanting celebratory Red Sox slogans. There were no signs of near-riotous conditions in that immediate vicinity although the area was crowded, and dozens of people near her stopped celebrating when they realized the severity of her injury and they tried to get help. Snelgrove was sprawled out on the ground, with blood running down her face."

The weapon used is made by one of the world's most profitable international arms dealers, arming the worlds' and America's police forces (and citizens) like small armies.

These are some sites specifically related to this gun. These guns and many more dangerous 'less lethal' weapons are also used in Portland, and were used on defenseless citizens on August 22, 2002 when George Bush visited downtown Portland and on other occasions.

From the seller's website: "The ingenuity of the FN 303 concept lies in the ammunition. The .68 caliber, 8.5 gram weight projectiles utilize a fin stabilized polystyrene body and non-toxic bismuth forward payload to provide more accurate and greater effective range than any other less lethal weapon. The projectiles have been specially designed to break-up on impact, thereby eliminating any risk of penetration injury. The primary effect of the projectile is trauma, which directly neutralize the aggressor. Secondary effects from the projectiles can be delivered via a chemical payload depending on mission specific requirements."

From the seller's website: "For safety reasons, never aim towards face, throat or neck."

A picture of the woman, mortally wounded on the sidewalk, shown on the site of Alex Jones.

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