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Dump the Kennedy Council

Defeat all four incumbents of Mayor Kennedy's Council--Kennedy, Reilly, Porter, and Primack.

Even though someone like Porter is probably better than Coonerty--his likely replacement, he needs to be voted out with the rest.

The text of a flyer to SCAN outlines some of the Kennedy Council's bad positions.
In early September, prior to the "Progressive" Forum, I wrote and published the flyer below--urging SCAN (Santa Cruz Action Network) not to repeat its endorsement of Porter and Reilly after their betrayal of progressive principles in the last four years.

Becky Johnson's "Why I'm Not Voting for Emily Reilly" article, posted on www.santacruz.indymedia about a week ago, examines in more detail Reilly's bad record.

Ed Porter arrested me for openly and legally taping one of his subcommittee meetings (see "Porter Busts Norse For Taping Meeting", 11-02) and pushed for the outrageous Downtown Ordinance expansions of July 2002, followed by the "Move Along" law of January 2003.

When I spoke to him at the UCSC Candidate Forum Thursday night, he continued to insist that this arrest was legitimate. He recalled that I'd tape recorded him during the 2000 election campaign in an interview, and that the tape had been misused selectively to distort and ridicule his positions. (I think another Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcaster took my Porter interview, which was broadcast in its entirity over FRSC, and turned it into a comic loop tape satirizing Porter; Porter doggedly insisted that this was my responsibility, illegitimate, and an appropriate reason to stop me from taping him at a public meeting and then arrest me when I refused)

I told Ed on Thursday night that he is "the best of the worst" (and the most likely not to be reelected) of all four incumbents running. He did support the De Anza Mobile Home Park residents alone when the other Council members abandoned them and rent control. He has asked for staff reports at various times when the rest of the Council has been silent. He arguably forms a sometime "liberal" bloc with Fitzmaurice and Reilly.

But overall, his record (as well as that of Reilly and Fitzmaurice) is so bad--so complicit with Kennedy, for example, in repression of poor people on the street and critics at City Council. He--and the three other incumbents--need to be ousted as a simple message that incumbents CAN BE TURNED OUT when they violate basic constitutional standards repeatedly. I don't think much of those who would likely replace him (Coonerty or Madrigal), but the entire Council needs to be opposed here. Sadly, Porter, the most liberal of an extremely repressive bunch, is the most likely to be defeated.

WRITE-IN Coral Brune and Robert Norse on November 2nd for Santa Cruz City Council.

This was the flyer that I wrote and distributed in early September to SCANsters and their allies (to no avail):

SCAN: How many of the ‘Fluff ’n Fold’ FOUR get the rubberstamp tonight?

In 2000 SCAN endorsed Ed Porter, who promised to put Sleeping Ban repeal on the agenda. Porter broke his word, supported ever-more repressive Downtown Ordinances, & arrested an activist for openly tape recording a public Council subcommittee meeting.

In 2000 SCAN endorsed Emily Reilly, who shifted from Sleeping Ban protester to Camp Paradise critic & backer of city-wide anti-homeless Permit Parking.

All 4 City Council Retreads voted:

To destroy the Citizens Police Review Board and replace it with an even more powerless “auditor? who is inaccessible and impotent. Porter couldn’t get a clear “use & display of force? documentation policy out of the SCPD even though he sat on the City Council’s Public Safety Subcommittee for the last 17 months.

To destroy rent control at low-income Clear View Court and to support the costly hotel, parking lot, and bed-and-breakfast developments for the well-to-do.

To destroy Santa Cruz’s traditional Voluntary Street Performers Guidelines that had worked successfully for 22 years in favor of a repressive and disgraceful “Move Along law?, giving police an ever-broader blank check for harassment.

None of the Council Incumbents have voted:

To get U.S. troops out of Iraq ASAP

To reform Santa Cruz’s “no medical marijuana clubs? law

To investigate rental profiteering in Santa Cruz

To install eviction protections in Santa Cruz

To strengthen city protections against the Patriot Act

To expand emergency shelter in Santa Cruz--where there are still 40 spaces for 1500-2000 homeless each night.

Flyer by HUFF (Homeless United for Friendship & Freedom) 309 Cedar PMB 14B S.C. 95060 831-423-4833 9-8-04
More info:, & &
Bathrobespierre’s Broadsides shows archived at

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Re: Dump the Kennedy Council

this article says:

WRITE-IN Coral Brune and Robert Norse on November 2nd for Santa Cruz City Council.

If Coral publishes an article on santa cruz indymedia that talks about her positions, i may be willing to write her in on the ballot. At this point, I don't know Coral Brune or how she plans to improve the santa cruz city council.

Re: Dump the Kennedy Council

can you paste the URL for that Becky Johnson article about Emily Reilly? i'd like to read it.

Re: Dump the Kennedy Council


UCSC: Dump the Kennedy Council

Four Minutes Worth of Reasons Why We Need To Dump the Kennedy Council

Expanded Speech to UCSC Community at the Santa Cruz City Candidate Forum 10-28-04

My name is Robert Norse. I've been a FRSC radio broadcaster for 10 years in Santa Cruz. Just left my show tonight. I focus on the Santa Cruz City Council's denial of basic rights to poor and homeless people. Hence the bathrobe and teddy bear. There's no legal place for 1500-2000 people to sleep; emergency shelter for only 40 of them. The infamous Sleeping Ban.

The names Robert Norse (and that of my running mate Coral Brune) will not appear on the ballot. To vote for us, write in Norse and Brune one the lines below the other candidates.

All four incumbents are running again, well-funded with posters all over town. These politicians gutted the only rent control Santa Cruz had--for De Anza seniors and Clear View Court Latinos. Backed by money and name-recognition, they're more than likely to return to power again next week. That's how elections go: We get expanded ongoing war in Iraq whether Bush or Kerry elbows their way into office. And locally we'll get more war against the poor in Santa Cruz with this bunch.

Send a message. First: Vote for Norse and Brune--and two others--you can vote four four total. Four who haven't been shoveling cash at the police department for the last two years. Second: Stand up for the issues in the months to come. I've been an activist writing, speaking, and organizing for sixteen years here. That won't stop on November 2nd.

We've seen heavy rains. Winter is coming. Last year there were over 40 preventable homeless deaths in Santa Cruz County. Under the Kennedy Council, it's been a crime in Santa Cruz to sleep after 11 PM at night, to cover up with a blanket. To put up a tent against the elements. Our fight against that law and other laws that criminalize the homeless and poor, including a massive lawsuit will go on night-after-night, month-after-month. Go to for more details

On November 3rd, there'll still be torture at Guantanamo and U.S. bombing of Iraqi civilians in Falluja. And there'll still be war on the poor in Santa Cruz. A vastly-overfunded SCPD will continue to roam the downtown streets, sidewalks, and beaches, unnecessarily hassling hippies, students, bicylists, and musicians. I hope you'll go on line to to learn how to fight back against police misconduct.

For the next year, you can expect no meaningful community access to the city council agenda. No protections for critics trying to present their opinions at City Council. No medical marijuana distribution center in the City. No strong protections against "Patriot Act" style invasions like Arcata and Palo Alto have voted. No independent check on an entrenched and insulated bureaucracy. No alternative to City-Manager-for-life Dick Wilson and City-Attorney-Of-the-Deep-Pockets John Barisone.

These powerful men need to be replaced along with Mayor Kennedy's entire City Council. We need competitive examination for their positions--and public input--as there should have been for the police chief, as there should be for the new Sheriff.

How do we make these changes? We ask for them quietly, reasonably, articulately. Then, we are ignored--as has been the case repeatedly for the last decade, we insist on being heard; we speak up more loudly; we protest; we march; we take peaceful direct action. Passivity and silence lead to disaster. To stop the international murder and to stop the prospective drafting of students in the illegal Iraqi War by either the Bush or Kerry Administrations, we cannot put our faith in politicians. Soothing election eve words are followed by quiet sell-out--as in the case of Dean and Kucinch.

In Santa Cruz we must use strong voices and peaceful direction action. That's the way to restore justice for renters and youth in Santa Cruz, to stop the endless gentrification,

For the specifics on the sordid record of the Kennedy Council check out and google for their names (Reilly, Kennedy, Porter, and Primack). Dump the Kennedy Council

Vote for Norse and Brune for justice at Clear View Court and De Anza Mobile Home Parks. Vote for Norse and Brune for city-wide rent control and protection against eviction. Vote for Norse and Brune to tax and discourage real estate profiteering, and big development giveaways. Vote for us to restore democracy at City Council. Stop the Kennedy Council's stifling of dissent and gagging of critics under the guise of "decorum" rules. Stop the lavish grants for the police department--encouraging them to harass the young, the poor, and the homeless downtown under the "Don't Sit", "Don't Sparechange", "Don't Table", "Don't Perform" laws that put 80+% of the sidewalks off-limits to public use.

Vote OUT the four incumbents.


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