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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising - Queer Music, Art and Film Festival
November 2-7 2004
Benefit for the Santa Cruz Teen Center's new queer youth group Wilde Nights! Check out for more information
Phoenix Rising is a week long queer music, art and film festival benefiting the Santa Cruz Teen Center's new queer youth group Wilde Nights, running from November 2-7th. Full passes are availible at Herland for $20, individual passes can be purchased at the door. For more information or phoenixrisingsc (at)

Come support the community and queer youth activism!

November 2nd: Art Gallery Opening: Questionmark Gallery (Cathcart Street)

Rising Up: Sexuality, Gender, Identity features work by Marlene White, Kim Smith, Shayle Matsuda, Cody Williams, and Rosa Koir.

Live jazz, refreshments, and live update of presidential elections. 5-9pm.

Suggested donation $5.

November 3rd: Film Night~an evening of local and national films focusing on gender, seuxality, identity... at The Jupiter (125 Laurel St) 8pm

Janestown Directed by Lisa Ganser

Transliteration Directed by Daryn Cash

Nancy Drew & Basketball Directed by Hilda Schmelling

The Gay Directed by Ralph Dickinson and Ron Haney

Intentions Directed by Luane Beck

Bush Beatin Directed by Kirsten Anchor

Bobby Crush Directed by Cam Archor

Beyond the Binary & Queer Eye Directed by Regan Brashear

Craving to Come Out Directed by Melissa Cox and Gianna Hays

November 4th: Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Acoustic Guitar

The Jupiter 125 Laurel St Doors at 7:30 $6

Deep Dickollective: "Deep Dickollective brings hip-hop, to the world community in a new and very out way! "Homo-hop" goes right to the core of homophobia, racism, and hip-hop bias declaring that we are here and further establishes community diversity."

Yes Alexander
Shayle Matsuda
Miriam Sachs Martin
April Anthony
Andy Robinson
Christina Clark

November 5th: Acoustic Guitar, Belly Dancing, Hip Hop

The Jupiter 125 Laurel Doors at 7:30 $6

Katastrophe:"Smooth talking tight, electric homo-hop... that fully embraces the "play" in genderplay while still hitting all the issues he feels strongly about."

Rebecca Perkins
Jackie Strano
Kailee Krupa
Tal Raboy
Leigh Hammond

November 6th: Queercore Rock Show!

The Jupiter 125 Laurel Doors at 7pm $6

Chi Chi Palace
Here Kitty Kitty
Frootie Flavors

November 7th:DRAG SHOW!

The Jupiter 125 Laurel Doors at 7:30 $6

Featuring local Drag Kings and Queens... audience participation in our lip sync contest!

November 6th and 7th: ALPHABET SOUP CONFERENCE:


6th: Branciforte Middle School check in at 10am

7th: Santa Cruz Teen Center (125 laurel) check in at 10 am

Queer youth workshops open to all ages and allies.

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