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Voting irregularities nationwide: Don't believe the numbers

Information on methods for a stolen election: check the link for a nationwide list of suspicious voting problems and widespread irregularities. has a nationwide listing of problems and irregularities with today's sElection, ranging from quite serious issues like glitchy electronic voting machines and suspicious ballot stuffing behavior to easily-resolved problems and questions about poll locations and registration. Lots of problems related to pencils and pens, poll workers and opportunities for tampering.

The link to the nationwide map: Click the states for a county-by-county list of problems sorted by category (voter intimidation, ID problems, etc.).

Don't forget: Diebold CEO Declares That He's "Committed To Helping Ohio Deliver Its Electoral Votes To The President Next Year" (Aug. 14 2003). Ohio 2004 looks a lot like Florida 2000. And they all look like ol' dixie...

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Re: Voting irregularities nationwide: Don't believe the numbers

My fiance'had to order an an absentee ballott 3 times! I don't know why since they have not counted any of them or the provisionals! Why hand them out if they don't count them! How can this happen? What do we do? I won't take this laying down.


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