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United Kingdom G8 Protest

"Days of Dissent! Reflections on Summit Mobilisations"
"Days of Dissent! Reflections on Summit Mobilisations"
Tens of thousands take to the streets of West Berlin against the 1988 IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank Meeting. A decade later, in June 1999, London’s financial capital is transformed by carnival as the G8 attempt to meet in Cologne, Germany. Six months down the line, the now infamous mobilisation against the Third Ministerial of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Seattle succeeds in shutting down the Conference and inspires millions around the world. From West Berlin, London and Seattle to Prague, Gothenburg, Evian, Cancun and beyond, mobilisations against international summits have succeeded in putting anti-capitalism back on the agenda.

"Days of Dissent" is a collection of voices from within these mobilisations. Each article is written by people who were directly involved. They attempt to explain why movements decided to mobilise, how they went about doing so, how the events unfolded and - most importantly of all - they attempt to assess what lessons can be learned. With the 2005 G8 Summit to be held in the UK, groups and movements across these islands, and from further afield, are beginning to consider what our response should be. In doing so, it is important that we attempt to learn from our collective history, from our mistakes as well as our successes. "Days of Dissent" is one contribution towards this process of reflection. Its aim is to provide inspiration for action.

To order copies send blank cheques, postal orders or well hidden cash to: Days of Dissent Magazine, Box 8, The Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7 6HX. United Kingdom

For each copy send £1.50 for the pamphlet plus 50p for postage and packaging. For orders outside of the UK add a further 50p for postage. Equivalent amounts in other currencies also accepted.

For bulk orders, discounts, review copies or enquiries, email the editors at: daysofdissent(at)

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Re: United Kingdom G8 Protest

G8 Alternatives is a very broad coalition of groups and individuals coming together to organise for massive peaceful protest against the G8.

We have a web site at:

There is a collaborative Wiki at:

and we can be contacted at:

info (at)

For people specifically interested in the Free Party Against the G8, contact us at:

freepartyattheg8 (at)


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