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Abusive Relationships: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But Staying Together Is Suicide

It's just not working out. You've changed.

Abusive Relationships: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, But Staying Together Is Suicide

Author: Give Me Liberty

Dear Red States:

It's just not working out.  You've changed.  We were once soul mates, but over the last four years something has happened to your judgment.  I once loved you, but you are no longer what you once were.  You need professional help, but there is no one available to help you.  Your break with reality is complete and the prognosis is grave.  You are on the road to self destruction and, quite frankly, I refuse to follow you.

You see, when we agreed to a union you assumed a contractual obligation - the Constitution.  Over the last four years you have aligned yourselves with a vicious movement to destroy that contract.  That contract was very important to me and I would never have agreed to share a country with you, share my income with you, share the precious lives of my young soldiers with you and share my reputation with you had I known that you harbored such a disregard for that contract.  Now that you sit complacently, satisfied with a fraudulent election, I can no longer respect you.  Moreover, I refuse to share my income, the precious lives of my young soldiers or my destiny with you.  It is time for a divorce.

Break up is hard to do, but in the end I believe it is the only sane course.  I cannot force you back into reality.  I cannot force you to join the human race and its shared indignation at the meanness you display when you support an unjust war which includes endless violations of international agreements to which we are a party.  Raping detainees, holding human beings without charges or due process, bombing children and supporting genocide are just things I can be no part of.  So, with sadness but resolve, I bid you farewell.  It is time for us to part.  I will seek new friends and new relationships.  I feel sad for you in that I realize things will be harder for you than they are for me.  Bullies have a difficult time making friends and you are making enemies at a rate that I am sure will one day be your downfall.

While the industrialized world has moved forward and embraced basic principles such as universal health care, restraint in international relations, respect for the world's religions and beliefs and self determination, you remain in a medieval mindset.  While other nations reach for the stars and address the problems facing humanity - destruction of the environment, war, ignorance and exploitation - you cheer torture, ecological abuse and endless war.  In good conscience, I can no longer stand by your side.  Here are your walking papers.  I bid you farewell.

The Blue States



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