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Pawns of Empire Memorialized at UCSC

On my way to the annual Women as Social Warriors (Mujures en Marcha) event at UCSC on November 9, I came across a memorial consisting of white sticks in the ground each with a photo and information about a particular person from the U$ who has died while fighting the 'war on terrorism' in Iraq.

I cringe at the term 'US Soldiers,' so I've used 'Pawns of Empire' to express that these people were removed from their communities and sent away to kill people (literally, economically, socially and environmentally) while they were treated as expendable pawns under the rule of empire.

I'm appreciative that time has been taken to create a memorial for these pawns of empire and I hope it is seen as a step towards peace, rather than an oppertunity to 'Honor US Soldiers.'
The memorial reminds me of a project called Arlington West that makes wooden white crosses and sets them up each Sunday at the beach in Santa Barbara. There is one cross for each 'US Soldier' that has died in the war in Iraq (which does not include the 'first Iraqi war' which has been ongoing for quite some time...). I appreciate the impact these projects have on some people and feel sad about the senseless loss of life.

You can find out more about the Santa Barbara Veterans for Peace and Arlington West by listening to the audio and viewing the photos linked below.

Santa Barbara Veterans for Peace Arlington West

AUDIO: SB VFP presentation on Arlington West at the Santa Cruz Library on January 13, 2004.

Photographs of the Santa Barbara Veterans for Peace presentation at the Santa Cruz Library.

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