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Workers, Students and Community Members Rally and Bargin for AFSCME at UCSC

On November 10, hundreds of people demonstrated and bargined for better wages and working conditions for AFSCME members at the nine University of California campuses and five medical centers. AFSCME stands for American, Federal, State, County and Municipal Employees. Local 3299 AFSCME members are employed by the UC to serve food; clean bathrooms, dorms, labs, offices, and hospitals; drive shuttle buses, and park cars. The rally effectively demonstrated that AFSCME workers, UC students and members of the Santa Cruz community, including 3rd District County Supervisor Mardi Wormhoudt and newly elected Santa Cruz City Council member Tony Madrigal, are committed to improving the working conditions for service workers in the UC system.









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Re: Workers, Students and Community Members Rally and Bargin for AFSCME at UCSC

Just a few words on the rally...

Walking on the UCSC Campus it is easy to not think of the people who make it run. It is easy to forget of the mothers and fathers who do back breaking labor everyday just to feed them-selves and/or families. Hearing them speak so proudly about their work (at the rally) when very few people appreciate it is what makes their work so honorable.

If your ever on the UCSC Campus admiring the beauty, as I find my self doing, don't forget to picture your own parents doing the work of the custodians so you can get a head in life. And them may be can begin to understand their struggles.


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