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Call Santa Cruz City Council to Pass the U.S. Out of Iraq Resolution

A resolution calling for immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq was presented to Santa Cruz City Council on Tuesday afternoon.

Those who want to see it passed need to call or e-mail City Council.
I and two others presented a "U.S. Out of Iraq" Resolution for emergency passage at Tuesday's Santa Cruz City Council meeting. It is based on a resolution presented by Green Party Arcata Councilmember Dave Meserve--which passed in Arcata some months ago (and also included "U.S. Out of Afghanistan").

While the City Council did pass a resolution back in 2002 asking that the U.S. not go into Iraq, it has failed to follow up on resolutions introduced in the spring of 2003 calling for an immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops.

Outgoing mayor Scott Kennedy is co-founder of the Resource Center for Non-Violence but has ignored the call for a "U.S. Out" resolution throughout his Mayorship this year. he and his Council did so again Tuesday night (Nov 9).


Supporters of the "U.S. Out" resolution can e-mail City council at citycouncil (at) .

The Council can be left a verbal message on its 24-hour message line: 420-5020.
Those who wish to support HUFF (Homeless Unite for Friendship & Freedom)'s Vigil Against Two Wars (the War in Iraq and the Local War Against the Poor).

The Resolution was also presented with "Urgency Findings" that would have allowed City Council to act on the Resolution even though it was presented after the 72-hour agenda deadline.


Note to the Public: Normally Santa Cruz City Council resolutions require 72-hour notice to the public before they can be considered and voted on. However an urgent matter can be acted on (a) with a super-majority of 5 votes on the Council and (b) if an urgency finding is accepted by the Council.

Whereas the Continued War and Occupation of Iraq causes both direct and indirect financial and physical injury to the people of Santa Cruz, through funding lost for vitally needed housing, social services, and public safety needs;

Whereas citizens from the area are directly involved in the war in Iraq, either as soldiers, contractors, or family of people involved there;

Whereas the expanding toll of soldier deaths has recently impacted this County directly with the deaths of Morgen Jacobs and Victor Gonzalez;

Whereas the human and financial cost of caring for veterans disabled or injured by the unnecessary war there is an outrageous and unnecessary result of this endless war;

Whereas the U.S. invasion of the Iraqi city of Falluja began two days ago--too late for this Council to have put the matter on its regular agenda;

Whereas members of the Santa Cruz community may lose loved ones in this unnecessary and immoral assault;

Whereas immediate action by the City and by the Government of the United States will save lives;

Therefore, the following resolution urging an immediate end to the bombing and invasion of Falluja and withdrawal of U.S. Troops from Iraq needs to be passed as quickly as possible.


In the belief that only by speaking out can we hope to change the world…


Is founded on the lie that Saddam possessed and was poised to use weapons of mass destruction, and that he was involved in 9/11.

Is a calculated step in long term military plans for American world domination that include:
Controlling areas that are rich in precious resources, like oil.

Setting up strategic military control of nations such as Iran.

Enforcing America’s will anywhere in the world, with little or no provocation.

Is enriching corporations that have ties to this administration, by the granting of exclusive contracts to rebuild infrastructure.

Is in violation of the process required to declare war, under the US Constitution.

Is in violation of international law, including the UN Charter, the Geneva Accords and the Nuremberg Principles, and therefore in violation of the US Constitutional provision for treaties as equal to the Highest Law of the land.

Has provoked ever more rage among victims of the wars, and have increased the likelihood of further attacks, rather than making us safer.

Has resulted in the deaths of over 1100 US soldiers, who all died for no good reason, fighting to support lawless war policies, based upon the lies of our president and his inner circle.

Has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians (estimated recently by John Hopkins medical researches to be 100,000 or more), whose only crime was to be in the path of US attacks.

Has physically and psychologically injured hundreds of thousands of innocents.

Has, in violation of international law, destroyed the infrastructure of Iraq.

Has lowered our esteem among the nations and people of the Earth.

Has cost taxpayers over 200 Billion Dollars,
Which amounts to over $700 for every man, woman and child in America.
Which amounts to over $35 Million within the city of Santa Cruz – nearly half the annual general fund budget.
Which could have bought universal healthcare for every American

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Santa Cruz calls for:
The immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Fallujah and the end to the invasion of that city on the eve of elections
The immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq, before one more soldier or civilian needlessly dies, concurrent with:
The United States Government turning over to groups representative of different factions in Iraq, including insurgents, with the help of the United Nations, the League of Arab States and other neutral parties the authority for creating and maintaining peace and order there with the goal of providing security and allowing the Iraqis to settle their own affairs and reclaim their own resources;.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Santa Cruz calls for:
A free and open international bidding process in all future awards of contracts for reconstruction or for other goods or services, within Iraq.
Full benefits and support for veterans, when they return, with particular attention to our own local veterans made ill, homeless, or disabled by involvement in this war or the prior Iraqi invasion.
This Resolution to be sent to Congressman Sam Farr, Senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein and President George W. Bush.

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Re: Call Santa Cruz City Council to Pass the U.S. Out of Iraq Resolution

There are a lot of important items on the agenda at the City Council meeting. Why waste their time by even having them bring up such a meaningless resolution?

Meaningless Resolution?

Lt. Kylan Alexander Jones-Huffman, 31 (died August 2003), Army Spc. Morgen Jacobs, 20, (died Oct. 6), Marine Lance Cpl. Victor Gonzalez, 19, (killed Oct. 13), and Marine Cpl. Andrez Perez, 21 (killed Nov 14) might disagree with you.

Please attend at 5 PM, call at City Council at 420-5020 or e-mail them at citycouncil (at) .


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