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IRAQ: US-Army uses Napalm and Phosphor

International media and newspaper report that the US-army uses Napalm and Phosphor bombs in Falluja. Here is a summary (with links; some in foreign language)

Since the beginning of the US-attac on Fallujah the city is almost completely closed; which means that men between 15 and 55 are not allowed to leave the city. Helicopters and Snipers shoot on those who try to flee. The city is bombed all day, 7 days a week. US-army Sources say about 1200 "insurgents" have been killed; the number of dead civilians is not reported - and, probably: not counted. At the moment there are still about 50.000 to 100.000 people in the city. There is no medical aid for them. They have wether electricity nor water or food.
The US-army uses Napalm and Phosphor in Falluja:

(from a german newspaper report:)

- grenades with white phosphor have been fired on Falluja which created a wall of fire, burning all the time (phosphor flames can`t be stopped by water - phosphor creates fire by a chemical reaction).
- many people did melt; so enourmous is the heat
- Iraqi doctor Kamal Hadeethi told journalists of the Washington Post: »I`ve seen many people injured; the streets are full of crying people -and full of dead people: they even were melt down to the street.« Falluja residents told that all the streets are destroyed, houses are ruines, and at walls stick parts of human meat.
- white phosphor reacts simply by contact with air and creates temperatures which even make metall melt - when white phosphor burns it sets free clouds of toxic smog. therefore white phosphor can also be seen as a chemical weapon
- white phosphor was used in WW II against german cities

BBC, 6.Nov.04

A hospital has been razed to the ground in one of the heaviest US air raids in the Iraqi city of Falluja.

according to:

- it seems that the US used in this war every weapon they had - besides nukes.
- but also grenades with low radioctive uran were fired (all in all between 1000 and 2000 tons of uran-munition; in kosovo and serbia, were the US also used this weapon, cancer rate among the population nowadays is extremely high.)
- "Daisy Cutter" bombs (BLU 82)were used; effect: a fireball with radius more than one square mile; miles around this square mile the explosion creates a vacuum: so the lungs of people implode.
- according to the San Diego Union-Tribune Napalm was used on tuesday against Iraqis in Falluja. The Pentagon tries to manipulate and denies the use of Napalm: they don`t call it Napalm bombs today; they call it "Mark 77 Fire Bombs", wich would have only an "quite similar effect".
Officially the US destroyed all its Napalm bombs in 2001.
The speaker of the marines, Michael Daily, said, that "Mark 77 is more environment-friendly than Napalm." (Mark 77 consists mainly of cerosin - napalm consisted mainly of benzol; cerosin burns even faster)
- US-Marine Randolph Alles, who directed some Napalm attacs himself said "the Generals love Napalm because it has a big psychological effect - due to the fire ball ad its typicall smell".

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