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Recently, I was involved in a project that required a visit to every
Independent Media Center in the country. I learned of an enormous
movement happening across the United States that literally astounded
me. There are protests and marches in every major city in
the country.
I looked for articles in my local newspaper and on TV.....and there was
nothing. These stories are found only on our network of IMCs, and
bless them, for they are all unpaid volunteers serving the people,
and trying to get the truth out - at a time when, we now know, the truth
is not an issue for the Major Media. For instance, did you hear
that in Chicago there were demonstrations for a solid week after the
Nov. 2 Election..........NO.

What follows is an incomplete compilation of stories on citizen
unrest from around the country. Most of them have fallen off the
Main News Column, but can still be accessed. New York City, for
instance, has post-election stories that go back 30 pages.

Most were non-violent protests, one in particular - Boise Idaho -
had a rally where everyone dressed in their best clothing and
carried signs reading "Leave no billionare behind".

Check each cities' IMC to read the full story.


Tuscon - "Police made it a point to harass and supress an energetic
but peacefull march on Nov. 3."

Austin - "Hundreds of people gathered today in Austin to protest
the war waged by the US and the concession of George W. Bush
to a second term."

Baltimore - "People marched through downtown Baltimore
to voice their opposition to the results of the election...."

Boston - Several people expressed their embarrassment
before the rest of the world at the results of the election.
Amy Beth Dimasi said that she had come out, “because Bush
was not elected the first time. The fact that he’s going to be
in office another four years . . . Right now, it’s humiliating
to be considered an American."

Mass. - ......people gathered in Amherst, Northampton,
Springfield and in the Berkshires to voice their outrage,
shock and dismay at what may well turn out to be another
hi-jacking of a national election.

Amherst - Beginning at UMass... students and allies marched
to the downtown Common Nov. 9 for an anti-war, anti-racist

Buffalo - Rocks and bricks were thrown to shatter plate
glass windows at the GOP Party Headquarters on Delaware
Avenue in downtown Buffalo. A window was also shattered
at the Armed Forces Recruiting Office on Sheridan in the
town of Tonawanda and the lock to a back door was broken.

Chicago - Chicago Erupts in Week of Protest during the
Elections ..... the crowd erupted into the second unpermitted
street march as thousands paraded throughout downtown,
blocking traffic and confusing cops. "We want an end to all
US wars and occupations..."

DC - "Today we Marched Because the System is Rotten"

DC - Snake march through DC ....started at the White House
and kinda wandered all over down town.

Houston - ...demanding that the War Profiteers Halliburton
and KBR and the Bush regime be thrown out of our community
and out of office.

Boise - Billionaires for Bush Rally......Carrying signs
which read "Leave no Billionaire behind", "We can’t thank
our President enough for contributing to our pockets—er,
I mean economic growth in America."

IN WESTWOOD...The APCs circled the block twice, the
second time parking themselves in the street and directly
in front of the area where most of the protesters were gathered.

L A - About 1,500 people met at Hollywood and Highland
and marched to the recruiting station at Sunset and LaBrea
to protest the occupation of Iraq and the stolen election.

Madison - Rally and March for Peace

Toledo - Hundreds of angry Ohio residents marched through
the streets of Columbus—Ohio’sCapital—this evening and
stormed the Ohio State House....

Lansing - members of Urbandale neighborhood,
were joined by MSU students... to protest the Bush regime,
occupation, and government.....

Milwaukee - ....a motley assemblage of the 'peace community':
liberals, church people, disgusted teenagers, environmentalists,
anarcho-syndicalists, and simple people of good will dismayed
at the way things turned out.

Maine - .......activists fought off wind, freezing rain, and
a pressing chill as they stood outside of Bath Iron Works
to witness and protest the launching of the 47th Aegis
Destroyer built by the US government.

Vermont - .....people took to the streets in disgust today in
response to the presidential election which put George W.
Bush into power for his second term.

New Jersey - Activists picket the Paterson "Army of One"
office in downtown Paterson.

New Jersey - NJ Solidarity members joined the weekly protest
organized by Inclusive Democracy at the “Army Career
Center?. The protest is small, but persistent.

NYC - 500, 000 people filled blocks of Seventh Avenue in NYC....
filing past Madison Square Garden to express dissent towards the
Republican Party.

NYC - Protests, Scattered Violence Mark Bush 'Victory'

NYC - ....NYPD harassment of Crticial Mass escalated last night,
with reports that between 33 and 47 people were arrested.

NYC - There was a protest this evening at Union Square Park.
Apparently, the protesters were surrounded by NYPD with M-16s.

NYC - A contingent of anti-war veterans marching in the official
city Veterans Day parade found a very favorable response.....

Raliegh - .... attacked North Carolina Republican
Party headquarters late Friday, leaving behind minor smoke
damage, broken windows and vulgar messages, authorities said.

Albany - ....a demonstration with perhaps 100 people in
Red Hook were attacked by police....

Columbus - Around 150-200 people marched from the
Federal Building back to the state Capitol Building and
sat and protested on the front steps of the Capitol Building.

Dallas - ....a Dallas-based activist group met a wall
of police and security as they attempted to
pass literature to the speakers of a conference on
globalization and to rally against the conference.

Dallas - Protestors Swamp SMU Bush Rally

Philadelphia - Following the rally, a spontaneous march
erupted into the streets of Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh - ...march through Squirrel Hill despite chilling
police repression and rain.

Portland - activists held back-to-back demonstrations in an
unprecedented week of action for peace and justice.

Portland - There were three arrests today, two at the start of
the rally at Pioneer Sq. and one under the Burnside Bridge......

Portland - .......police using pepper spray to disperse protesters
on November 3rd.

Richmond - Participants wore red to symbolize the fact that
democracy in this country is in extreme danger.

Rochester - Rocks and bricks were thrown to shatter plate
glass windows at the GOP Party Headquarters..........

San Diego - .....people turned up to voice their re-affirmation of
their absolute rejection of the war on Iraq.

San Fransisco - ....a rally and civil disobedience at the San Francisco
Federal Building....

Seattle - .....protesters marched from Western Washington University
today to protest the occupation and the elections in general.

Seattle - Over 1,000 people gathered in downtown Seattle to protest
Bush's war in Iraq.

Lawrence - ....activists marched protest of the current invasion of
Fallujah. Local police accosted activists.........

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