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Theft of a Nation

Theft of a Nation-- Soon to be a Major Motion Picture... NOT!

"The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery." Thomas Paine

It's the Fraud, Stupid!

Despite the networks sitting on the biggest story of election fraud in history, those of us following direct reports from Ohio, Florida and other swing states -- voter supression, intimidation, vote-counting anomalies, rule bending and breaking by Republican election officials -- know the bad news: the Nov. 2 election was likely a heist of such proportions not seen in this country since the US Treasury was looted during Bush's first term.

The GOP knew they were in trouble in the run-up to the election. The polls were too close to call, with some even showing a Kerry win. The party that blocked the vote counting in the 2000 election and prevailed upon their Supreme Court to back them up wasn't about to lose to a "liberal" Democrat. Yes, folks, the horse race was neck and neck, but one horse was given a shot timed to hit before the photo finish: electronic vote tampering. With apologies to the late Senator Dirkson, a million votes here, a million votes there, and soon you've taken an election. If this can happen to the USA in the 21st century, our democracy's in deep doo-doo.

The Good News

If there is anything comforting in all this, assuming the stealing happened, a clear majority of us do not agree with the direction Bush is taking the country. Voters turned out in record numbers to punch in our displeasure. We knew what was (and still is) at stake: perpetual war, further degradation of the environment, the rights of women, workers, minorities, the Supreme Court. These real moral values are too critical and personal to ignore. That's why we stood in line for 10 hours in some places. We voted like our lives depended on it, and they just might.

Don't Moan, Agonize!

Yes, the post-election analysis (note the first four letters of that word) have us all reeling with second guesses how and why the Democrats "lost" their direction. They failed to take seriously the country's moral crisis, they proffered a "liberal" from the Northeast with no appeal in the "solid south." They ran a lackluster campaign which began to fight back too late. They did not run on an anti-war platform, where momentum had been building. Each of these may (or may not) deserve attention, but it all turns on whether they actually lost. If several states actually end up in the blue column after all the vote robbing and killing is dug up (if ever), then all of the above hand-wringings are not the big story, but footnotes at the bottom of the page.

Moral Values, My Butt

So, this means fear of gays and terror (and gay terror) did NOT cost Kerry the election. Yes, many voters voiced those concerns in exit polling, but the votes that put Bush over the top were likely fabricated. Truth be told, people are more afraid of four more years of Bush than foreplay between consenting same sex couples. While everyone in the country fears terrorism, more voters came out who view the Bush doctrine as the greatest recruitment program for Bin Laden, if not terror itself. Just look at the overwhelming landslide for Kerry in New York, especially Manhattan where terror actually hit. And, despite it's large gay population, New Yorkers also seem to understand that it's not who you're in bed with at night in your own room, but who's in bed with what corporation screwing the rest of us. And, election fraud notwithstanding, a clear majority of us around the country agreed.

As to the assertion that gay marriage is destroying the family and the moral fiber of the nation, guess what state has the most marriage staying power, the lowest divorce rate in the US? Give up? Massachusetts, that blue Babylon that allows same sex weddings. Seems homosexuality isn't the potent poison religious zealots portend from their pulpits. The states with the highest marriage break-ups? Try Texas and Oklahoma. Last time I saw the map, these were solid red territory. Yes, there are gays there in those states, and all three of them should be proud of what they've done to undue the vows of holy matrimony. What power! Give me a break...

Voting While Black

Despite efforts to confuse, intimidate, and disenfranchise them, long lines of African-American voters were the inner-city order of the day. Many were warned to stay home because of the long lines. Once at the polls, others were told to come back later. And of course, there just happened to be woefully few voting machines in those precincts to handle the numbers that turned out. Nevertheless, reports of voting into the wee hours of the next morning continue to pour in. It's hard to estimate how many thousands who would have voted were prevented from doing so. This is nothing more than an application of the "last hired, first fired" rule that has served the corporate community so well. Risking race war, the social conservatives in the GOP see no problem with wiping out a century of civil rights gains.

How Do They Sleep?

If Republican operatchiks are willing to suppress and rig the vote (and BTW, Democrats are not immune to this temptation-- they're just not as good at it), what else is not beneath them? Mass arrest of any vocal opposition? (Oh, wait, they did that at their convention...) What next, clamping down and muzzling the media thereby extinguishing public dialogue? (Oh yeah, that's why I'm writing this with no place to publish except the internet...) Killing tens of thousands of innocent people? (Checked the body count in Iraq lately?) Torturing prisoners? (Been there, done that.) Inventing their own science? (Creationism-- fact, global warming-- fiction.)

Well, what's left? Declaring martial law and suspending the Constitution? Crowning Bush dictator-for-life? Mass extermination camps?

This...Isn't Over

Yes, regardless of how you feel about Kerry, more of us got out and voted for change than voted for the status quo, but our voice was silenced. The good news is that they can't silence us forever-- in fact, we're not planning on being silent about this now, or ever!. If there are actually more of us than officially reported, and we don't go back to sleep, there's no way they can repress the true will of the people.

What's it gonna take? If we sit back and let these election results stand, we're endorsing fascism, which Mussolini defined as the merger of corporate interests with the state. What better way to insure this will be accomplished than out-sourcing vote-counting to those very corporate interests?

To Arms, the Red Votes Are Coming!

Just like the 1915 film Birth of a Nation, where the Klan rides in to save the day from the evil Black race, the updated version, Theft of a Nation, features the forces of faith- (read (fundamentalist-) based morality rescuing the nation from the evils of the day-- abortion, gay marriage, foreigners, Hillary Clinton, etc.-- by disenfranchising millions in largely ethnic communities who typically vote Democrat. Just in case that wasn't enough to tip the scales, several e-fingers would assure the scale would skew. These e-fingers have all but succeeded in destroying our democracy in order to "save" it.

Fortunately, they left some prints...

Mark Levy

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