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Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat will go down in history as the George Washington of Palestinian Republic. His courage and devotion to the cause of the Palestian people, in their unending battle for liberation and the establishment of their own national homeland, was widely respected and admired by millions of people the world over.
Yassa Arafat.jpg
The slanderous "Terrorist Label" which was heaped upon this great
leader by the likes of Ariel Sharon and George W. Bush, shall be
ignored for what it was, basically lies from two of the worlds
biggest war criminals.

In his speech to the United Nations in 1974, Arafat answered this
charge eloquently:

"The difference between the revolutionary and the terrorist lies in
the reason for which he fights. For whoever stands by a just cause
and fights for freedom and liberation of his land from the invaders,
the settlers and the colonialists, cannot possibly be called
terrorists... As to those who fight against just causes, those who
wage war to occupy, colonise and oppress other people, those are the
terrorists. Those are the people whose actions should be condemned,
who should be called war criminals; for the justice of the cause
determines the right to struggle."


Yasser Arafat will always be remembered for his wearing of the Palestinian Kofiya, the symbol of Palestinian Resistance. Iy you would like to obtain an Kofiya or other great products made in Occupied Palestine, here are two wonderful links.

You will be displaying your comradeship with the Palestinian people, as you wear your very own Kofiya, plus you will be delivering a strong message that you support the liberation of the Palestinian people!

Your purchase will be helping the Palestinian's in their time of great need.

Palestinian Children's Welfare Fund:


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Re: Yasser Arafat

Plain stupidity wrapped in layers of anti-semitism. You should be ashamed.

Re: Yasser Arafat

Here's a brief definition of the term Semite, a term used to describe a variety of people, including many Arabic tribes like the Palestinians. Would it make sense to call the author of an article that speaks well of Yassar Arafat an anti-Semite when Arafat himself is genetically and linguistically a Semite?

Semitic is a controversial adjective which in common parlance refers either to specifically Jewish things or to things originating among speakers of Semitic languages or people descended from them, and in a linguistic context to the northeastern subfamily of Afro-Asiatic. Etymologically, it means "pertaining to the descendants of Shem" (Noah's son).

In Genesis Shem is described as the father of the Assyrians, Chaldeans, Aramaeans, Sabaeans, and Hebrews, all of whose languages are closely related; the linguistic family containing them was therefore named Semitic. The Canaanites and Amorites spoke a language belonging to this family, and are therefore also termed Semitic in linguistics despite being described in Genesis as sons of Ham. Shem is also described in Genesis as the father of the Elamites and the far-eastern descendants of Lud, whose languages were not Semitic. As this list makes clear, its meaning has shifted considerably.

In a linguistic context, it refers to speakers of a subgroup of the Afroasiatic languages including, among others, Arabic, Hebrew, and Amharic. Thus the area of Semitic languages is actually much larger than the area most non-linguists associate with the term "Semitic". They stretch all the way along the southern Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, into Mali and along the coast of the Red Sea all the way to Somalia in Africa. Semitic languages are also spoken in European Malta and on Socotra in the Indian Ocean. Additionally, millions of Muslims speak Classical (Qur’?nic) Arabic as a second language, and many Jews all over the world speak Hebrew as a second language. It should be noted that Coptic, Berber, Somali, and many other related Afro-Asiatic languages within this area do not belong to the Semitic subgroup.

In a religious context, it refers to the religions associated with the speakers of these languages: thus Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are often described as "Semitic religions". This term can equally include the polytheistic religions (such as the cults of Tammuz or Baal) that flourished in the Middle East before the Abrahamic religions.

Outside linguistics, the term's primary use nowadays is to refer to the ethnic groups who have historically spoken Semitic languages, although with the prefix anti- it most commonly refers just to Jews (see below). The best way known to test an ethnic group's common physical descent is through genetic research. Though in genetic research no significant common mitochondrial results have been yielded, genetic Y-chromosome links between near-eastern peoples like the Palestinians, Syrians and ethnic Jews have proved fruitful (see Y-chromosomal Aaron). While population genetics is still a young science, it seems to indicate that a significant proportion of these peoples' ancestry comes from a common Near-Eastern population to which (despite the differences with the Biblical genealogy) the term Semitic has been applied[1] (

Anti-Semitism is a term whose most common usage is to describe anti-Jewish statements or beliefs. However, it is increasingly used by people who apply the word in reference to Semitic people also in the linguistic and genetic senses, especially anti-Arabism.

Re: moth, the story

moth , another pen name for nessie of sf, since he drove away all the posters there he now travels the web posting where ever he is taken in.
the decline and fall of his sight is a lesson for us all that we are co-dependent on others for our

Re: Yasser Arafat

No, i got into an arguement w/ Nessie about animal rights on SFIMC, he feels the pharmaceutical corporations should be allowed to torture animals in the name of science, believing their claims that their products "help" sick people. My argument was if we removed the toxins from the environment, people would not become ill so frequently. Since Nessie still wants his Coca-cola junk food lifestyle, he rationalizes the need 4 animal testing since he'll probably become sick at some point in the future..

Yes, i support the Palestinian intifada against apartheid Zionist Israel. I also support Native Americans in their struggle for land rights and sovereignty against the colonial US occupation..

Why would this drive people away? Or does it only drive racist Zionists like yourself "Wayne Wong" (whoever the fuck U are?) away?

Re: Yasser Arafat

Zionism and Dr. David's definition of anti-Semitism: anything that recognizes Palestinians as human beings.

Saint Yasser Soon to be Canonized

You will be displaying your comradeship with the Palestinian people, as you wear your very own Kofiya, plus you will be delivering a strong message that you support the liberation of the Palestinian people!

Your purchase will be helping the Palestinian's in their time of great need.

Re: Yasser Arafat

"Saint Yasser's" Sarcasm aside, it is indeed a time of great need for the Palestinian people, not so much because of Arafat's death, but because of the violence, racism, and economic warfare of the Zionist state.

For a critical look at Arafat from the left that rejects rightwing attacks read:

Palestinians mourn Arafat but struggle for liberation will continue


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