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Depleted uranium in Iraq stolen from under Dineh land

Depleted uranium used in Iraq by US military results in babies born deformed and also cancer. The source of the uranium is from native lands, also causing cancer in indigenous people living there..
We hear occasional reports about the depleted uranium (DU) used in Iraq by US military resulting in sickness and deaths (10,000) of Gulf War veterans, also Iraqi babies born deformed and civilians developing cancer from exposure to DU particulates..

Depleted Uranium Use in Iraq
by Kelly Anderson

Nuclear weapons that Saddam never had were in the hands of America and Israel, the world's top nuclear superpowers. While Israel continues patrolling the apartheid wall around indigenous Palestinians, and America imprisons people for the crime of poverty, the wealthy elite (Bush, Rumsfeld, DuPont, Sharon, Feinstein, etc.) rest assured they are protected by a wall of nuclear weapons, at the expense of the lives of indigenous peoples in this land we call America..

We almost never hear about the source of the uranium, mines located on indigenous lands in America and Canada. The cancer here is far more silent, yet equally as deadly. The mines on Dineh (Navajo), Laguna Pueblo, and other native lands have released radioactive uranium dust into the air very near where sovereign tribes prepared their food and lived their lives. Nothing about this is natural, the mining corporations knew very well that uranium ore extraction and crushing was dangerous to people's health, yet they placed profit and military might above humyn health. After all, the military industrial complex needed those nuclear weapons to kill Iraqis and control their petroleum reserves for the Bush crime family empire..

Uranium Mining and the Laguna People
Dorothy Purley, interviewed by Susan Lee
July 1995 in Paguate Village on the Laguna Pueblo Reservation

Navajo Justice Page
Environmental Justice for the Navajo : Uranium Mining in the Southwest

People of America can choose to submit to imperialist/colonialist US corporate government policy and allow uranium mining to continue on native lands, or we can rise up alongside our brothers and sisters on this land and demand this slow genocide stops. Want to stop nuclear weapons proliferation? We can go to the source and stop uranium mining in North America and elsewhere..

"I am Indigenist"
by Ward Churchill

Nuclear Information and Resource Service;

Indigenous Treaty Council;

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