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The Total Reality perception control

The truth about "heroic deaths" for assimilation of oil-fields will never touch the masses
fiction_of_heroic death1.jpg
The collaborating, controlled and pressurized mass media has covered the world with a network of fictive reality without gap, the national uprising will not happen

Pour la premiere fois les memes sont les maitres de tout ce que l'on fait et de tout ce que l'on en dit

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Re: The Total Reality perception control

Here is how the rich elites in power kept the horror in this photo going—for centuries.
Women are denied birth control and abortion which creates a surplus of impoverished young people. Many young people, mostly men, join the armed forces since there are no other job options to escape poverty where they live. This is deliberate.
They are taught over and over again they are fighting for "freedom" or "democracy" Since many are unaware of global political realities, their decision to "protect" America is used to betray them.
If they are slain in a war started by old rich men, the military funerals do more to perpetuate and sanctify war (which causes more youths to be killed) than to honor the individial slain soldier.
Also, they can not be criticized for going abroad to kill, since this would only give more grief to their bereaved familys.
The only answer to this devils bargain can come from the youths themselves and from their families.


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