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Quincy, Massachusetts Goldwater Campaign Run By Nazi!

Zionists in their zeal to defend Israel and Zionism will go to extremes to discredit anyone who has the courage to criticize Israel in even the slightest fashion. The reason I wrote this article was that someone had left a comment at the Austin Indymedia site after having read my article, entitled Zionist Myth: There Never Was A Nation Of Palestine. They said: "Harrington is a run of the mill Nazi slug." I knew that my defence of the Palestinian people would place me in the sites of the Zionist's before I wrote this article and I wasn't deterred then nor shall I be in the future!
While I may not be such an heroic person as the hero in the movie Shindler's List, I can still say that I have always been colorblind as to choosing my friends. I have never discriminated against someone because of their color, religion, age, weight, sexual orientation, or whether they are rich or poor.

Quite the opposite, I truely relish and enjoy having friends of "ALL" ethnic backgrounds. I have learned so much from my friends about their background cultures and foods etc.

In the anti-war movement, which I am very active in, many of my comrades are Jews. I don't think that they consider me a run of the mill Nazi Slug because I am brave enough to criticize the wrong doing of the Nation of Israel.

I have Jewish friends the world over who think exactly as I do regarding Israels actions since its founding in May of 1948.

In fact, if I ever have the honor of meeting any Israeli Defence Force refuse-niks, someone is going to have to get an IDF D-9 Caterkiller bulldozer to stop me from hugging and kissing them!!!

The year was 1964. I was only seventeen and my girlfriend Marsha, was Jewish. The Beatles had taken over the hearts and minds of many of America's youth, yours truely included.

Of my two best male friends, one was a Jew and the other was a Greek.

Much earlier, when I was only ten years old and in the fifth grade, I befriended a Jewish boy by the name of Michael Davis, who had been called "Jew Boy" by other children at the Montclair Elementary School in Quincy. This racist attack occurred on a saturday morning when children were allowed to go into the gym and play basketball, etc. His mother had to go to our school in person and speak to the adult supervisor concerning the behavior of the other boys.

The war in Viet-Nam was just starting to get in high gear.

I was from an Irish-Catholic working class family who voted democratic.

One day my father brought home a flyer that one of his fellow employees had given him. It was from the Goldwater for President campaign.

I read it and I was hooked on the views that Goldwater expressed in it.

Soon, I was at the local Goldwater for President Campaign Headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts, asking if them if I could have some buttons and bumperstickers.

Then I voluntered to go door to door to help get signatures and pass out literature.

I got to meet many conservatives, whom I considered my comrades in the fight against communism. I even got my radio antenna broken because of my Barry bumpersticker!

All of our hard work couldn't get Barry elected and I vividly remember our meeting for the last time in the Goldwater headquarters. There was one redheaded woman who said that we should get together in four years to try to get Barry elected in 1968.

The campaign manager of the Barry Goldwater for President Campaign in Quincy was one Mr. Devlin. he had a brother who owned a men's clothing store on Beale Street in the Wollaston section of Quincy.

After everyone had left the headquarters, I volunteered to help Mr. Devlin clean up all the trash that somehow got all over the foor.

At one point He bent down to pick up some paper and low and behold, I noticed that he was wearing an enamal Nazi Party badge on the inside of his lapel. 1.) It had the Swastika in the center, surrounded by some german words.

He wasn't aware that I had seen this badge.

I felt a suuden sickness. How could someone like Mr. Devlin have the nerve to wear an Nazi Party badge while being the campaign manager of the Goldwater for President headquarters in Quincy?

I knew that I had to either address this issue with Mr. Devlin or forever hold my silence. I must admit that I was afraid of the reaction that he might have, if I said something to him about it, for I'am quite sure he didn't want to be exposed in any way.

The thought of many millions of Jews who were sent to ovens in Europe were greatly on my mind. I got the courage to ask him, "How can you wear that Nazi badge when they killed so many innocent Jews?"

He replied that this story about millions of Jews being killed was nothing but a pack of lies.

1.) pictured above is an N.S.D.A.P. badge (Nazi Party) just like the one that Mr. Devlin wore while he was campaign manager of the Goldwater for President headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts, back in 1964.

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