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PUC Public Hearing in Felton

California PUC Public Hearing in Felton
Tuesday, December 7, 2004
Felton Community Hall
PUC Commissioners want to hear what we think about consolidating Felton with Monterey. Let’s fill the hall and tell them!
On Tuesday night Dec. 7, the California Public Utilities Commission will hear public comments from citizens in Felton, CA on a rate consolidation proposal from California American Water, a subsidiary of German water giant, RWE. The 100th largest corporation in the world, and third largest private water utility, RWE has annual revenues of over $52 billion dollars. Two years ago, RWE, through its Thames Water holdings swallowed up American Water Works, and its many subsidiaries including California American Water or Cal-Am. Almost immediately after the acquisition, RWE dramatically increased rates to Felton's 1,300 residents, who've been attempting to buy out the local system ever since. Now, the company wants to again re-structure rates of its Felton system. A proposal up for consideration will consolidate rates with other communities. The water company contends the changes would benefit customers, but many Felton residents disagree.

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Re: PUC Public Hearing in Felton

Can we also talk about police misconduct since its along the same lines as this topic?

Re: PUC Public Hearing in Felton


Tuesday, Dec. 7, 2004, 7 p.m.
Felton Community Hall - Main Auditorium
6191 Highway 9, Felton

Cal-Am is proposing the rates charged in each district be made the same, with some exceptions. Costs for water production and treatment, the costs related to the water treatment plant in Felton, the proposed Coastal Water Project in Monterey (or any other long-term water source replacement project), and repairs or removal of San Clemente Dam, would be charged only to the district receiving the benefits.

from the corporate press:

PUC to hear Cal Am's rates bid

Friends of Locally Owned Water - Felton, CA

Re: PUC Public Hearing in Felton

That IS NOT actually Robert Norse who made the comment above. some f#*@in' TROLL is throwing turds...

Re: PUC Public Hearing in Felton

Instead of pissing millions of dollars down legal holes, we should be investing that money in building an alternate water system here then hiring LOCAL, UNIONIZED construction workers to build it. Rather than lining the pockets of fatcat lawyers who have too much already.

Re: PUC Public Hearing in Felton

where do you suppose that we are going to GET this water? ie here's only so much potable water and the people are trying to get it back. before calAm came
the people who were running the system were local and accountable. that's what felton is trying to get back to.


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