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Email Cognitive Dissonance to "Head Space for Rent" Propagandists

It is unprecedented, disgusting and shameful how bankrupt so-called journalism has SUNK. More concern for their paychecks, phony careerism than professional ethics, democracy and duty to perform as a watchdog for and IN the Public Interest. This citizen will constantly ALERT the 'People of the Web' to crackpot, simplistic, invalid analysis of those who would aid in concealing and propping up a practice form and style of government that is openly flaunting the rule of law, denying Voting Rights and breaking laws ensuring free, fair elections-- the main way to petition a government for a redress of grievances. Do not these establishment defending appartchiks, dissent barrier specialists realize their product is credibility? Millions of AmeriCANs are highly suspicious of this election where Kerry did worse than Gore against a candidate who LOST support, and declared winning states he lost in 2000 at a time his approval rating was 48%? Suppress and Pad the vote , now suppress public awareness with the use of omission, ridicule, slander and diversion without the even any sound arguments or honest reporting of verified and numerous irregularites as they try to SinSpin their infecting mind virus to unwrite the history of OUR LandSlide. Here is some BS from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Pass the Reynolds* Wrap - I'd rather wear the 'tin-foil hat' THAN the dictators cap- BLAST this guys box with some HomeWork so we can all GET BACK HOME!
Conspiracy theories on Ohio vote refuse to die
Conspiracy theorists have yet to give up
Sunday, December 05, 2004
Bill Lubinger
Plain Dealer Reporter

And there were Election Day problems widely reported by the news media - voting machine malfunctions, long lines at the polls, the rejection of provisional ballots - most of which Green and other political observers consider "run-of-the-mill" stuff.

"The election irregularities were modest by comparison" with 2000, Green said.

To reach this Plain Dealer reporter:

blubinger (at), 216-999-5531

-this is the last sentence of the article, note how the first and last manipulate the reader with persuasive techniques to slant and lead the reader to a predetermined conclusion. The article does acknowledge disturbing incidences to feign a semblance of journalistic fairness and integrity, however the statements by Green and Foley seem to come out of thin air without specific substantiation and argument backed by any rebuttal of the evidence of numerous assortments of irregularities and unlikely vote patterns consistent with deliberate orchestration, hence the subterfuge propped up by the media and attempts to obfuscate, stall and hide by guilt-affected republican operatives.

Here are some ways to contact John Green and Ned Foley:

The University of Akron experts are:

• Dr. John Green, director of the Ray C. Bliss Institute for Applied Politics.

Dr. Green has led the definitive research programs on the role in modern American politics of religion and religious views that voters hold. Dr. Green's insight is widely sought throughout the nation. His expertise is on religion and politics, and extends to national politics, American political parties and campaign finance.

Dr. Green can be reached at 330-972-5182, or, via email: green (at)


Professor Edward B. Foley-

Phone: (614) 292-4288
E-mail: foley.33 (at)


Interesting note the byline of this article was changed on tuesday it was originally more favorable to the truth reading: It's over, but election still centers on Ohio.

I will tell Mr. Lubinger what THE Conspiracy was is that Bush supporters, completely under the radar, without anyone seeing them or detected by observers showed up in a late surge to suprise a democratic candidate who EVEN early in the day was shown to be leading in the exit polls and doing well in so-called safe states.

This blogger puts it well,

Fact vs. Fantasy in the election

We have two strains of thought: One is that every single indicator of who would win and was winning the presidential election was wrong because of a stealth campaign by Bush that was largely invisible and occurred almost entirely below the radar, to the extent that nothing was indicating a Bush win (except for some cooked polls that have been picked apart to the point of destruction). The other is that the vote itself was cooked.

The first strain is clearly conspiracy theory: that the Republicans somehow, deliberately, managed to hide their campaign and their support completely from experienced watchers who were looking for them, yet somehow their supporters showed up to overwhelm Kerry supporters at the last minute, and nobody saw them.

The facts clearly support the second strain of thought - that the vote was cooked - but the media has chosen to believe that despite any evidence on the ground, a lot of mysterious Bush voters happened to be there when no one was looking. And lied to the exit polls. And did this only in places that were using electronic voting machines owned by a highly-partisan Bush-supporter who had publicly vowed to do whatever he could to bring home the election for Bush.

To believe the "Bush won" conspiracy theory, you have to believe that not only Zogby was wrong, but that both Democrats and Republicans completely altered their behavior and switched their voting patterns, and that Republicans did this in such a way that nobody noticed it even while it was happening.

Democrats vote late in the day. It’s always been true, and everyone knows it. When exit polls early in the day say the Democrat is winning by a wide margin, you can take it to the bank that it’s not going to get any better for the Republican as people start coming home from work. And that’s exactly how it looked on the ground on election day - there was no late surge of Republicans to outnumber the Democrats. And yet, at the last minute, somehow, the polls suddenly started showing Bush coming even and then breaking ahead at a time when there was no sign of these Bush voters suddenly showing up at the polls. How did that happen?



Select an article from these websites and then forward this article to the addresses below (you can cut and paste this list into an e-mail address line). Most of these are the addresses of top management of major newspapers across the country (in a few cases we couldn't find the email of top management and the address is one we could find). Ask the editor or manager to cover the story of election fraud in depth NOW, while something can still be done about it .

PLEASE TAKE ACTION NOW. We suggest you start every day with sending one article to these people (this takes less than 5 minutes), so that their email boxes will be full with citizens' demands that they cover these issues. Please forward this email to everyone you know and to all of your lists.

If we let dishonest people get away with election fraud, things will only get worse next time.

rrosenthal (at), rsams (at), scott.kraft (at), don.frederick (at), Abramowitz (at), jo'shea (at), mharden (at), gclark (at), turner (at), slevinson (at), agordon (at), tohara (at), john.wilburn (at), davidmccumber (at), randy.lovely (at), twindsor (at), scottg (at), accuracy (at), gcishare (at), executive-editor (at), managing-editor (at)

Please write a letter to accompany your article. Below is a sample letter. Be polite, as rudeness doesn't help, but be passionate at the same time. Write your own letter expressing your concerns.


I am writing to you as one of the top management in a key newspaper in the United States to ask you to cover the fraud that was perpetrated in the 2004 election in the United States. Evidence of the fraud can be found on many web sites, including , , or (which has over 200 articles on this topic). If we are to remain a democracy, you must cover this fraud. Below is one of the many articles that I read and which causes me great concern. I don't understand why the media remains silent, while the public is kept in the dark about these voting irregularities. Please take the lead and let the public know the truth.


Thank your for acting on this as often as you can.

"Quantum physics is describing what I call the physics of the dreamlike nature of reality. Like a mass shared dream, we are all literally moment by moment calling forth and collaboratively "dreaming up" this very universe into materialization. And dreams, by their very nature don't exist in a "flat-land" where they are fixed in meaning, but are extremely multi-dimensional. When we contemplate the past in this very moment, it has the same ontological status of and no more reality than a dream we had last night. Just like this present moment, when we contemplate it tomorrow, will in that present moment have no more reality than a figment of our imagination. What actually did happen on November 2? Did George Bush win the election? Or did he steal it? And if he stole it, is this criminal act something we can do nothing about? If this universe is like quantum physics describes, then we are only not able to do anything about it because of our own self-imposed limitations and a failure of our imagination in this very moment. If even some of the overwhelming evidence that Bush stole the election is true, can we step into a universe in this very moment in which we have the power to do something about it? Or is the past written in stone? Quantum physics points out that this is a participatory universe in which the power to change reality is literally in our hands at every moment and that the choice is truly ours. Let us not get fooled into giving away our power by the source of our real power, namely, the reality-creating function of our own sacred imagination. "

"Paul Levy" paul (at)> - Taken from "QUANTUM PHYSICS LOOKS AT THE 2004 ELECTION:Did Bush win the election or did he steal it?" archived at

let them know you have done your homework and you don't need them to be your reality GateKeeper and they had better due some soul-searching and avoid propping up a dictatorship as a co-conspirator.

The Truth is Marching ON in columbus DAILY PICKETING AND DEMONSTRATIONS here is the info

STAND DOWN Emerging Theocratic Dictatorship DAILY PROTESTS in Columbus
by CultureJamCleveland Monday, Dec. 06, 2004 at 8:09 PM

Everyday this week people are gathering and marching around the Ohio Statehouse to maintain citizen survelliance on a brazen attempt to steal an election, in effect ending Democracy and installing one-party rule. Articulate attorney Cliff Arneback, from Alliance for Democracy(co-founded by Ronnie Dugger-from The Nation Magazine) is leading a lawsuit that will overturn the Ohio election, WITHOUT a Recount, as evidence from southern Ohio will show that votes were moved from Kerry's column directly into Mr. Bush's. He started his speeches last Saturday by saying," First of all I begin by saying LAW AND ORDER IS ON OUR SIDE." This is not partisan, as an investigator one is obligated to follow the leads and uphold the law* very critical when voting rights and laws are trampled upon and the Election2004 is proving to BE undeniably a Sham. Show up to support this action, speak out to support the recount, stop Blackwell, insist he step aside and show up to HELP make the crackpot Big Media do their job and get with the program instead of deviously trying to program with perception management by establishment apartchicks and 'head space for rent" propagandists. Paid to sell Death in Iraq and now for whatever reason afraid to tell us something is terribly wrong with our democratic process and hiding the fact that we now live, work and breathe in a de-facto Dictatorship, friendly, charming, campy and with a sly smile, THOUGH!

more info and pictures;

The collective story of the spark and inspiring potential of The Dream has now become a dark orientation to control and repress, to protect us from the power of The Nightmare - a prevalent fear state and knee-jerk negativity that is so overwhelming we are supposed to absolve our collective responsibility to the state and Big Bro' demanding legitimacy -to be a hero which collects our guilt, apathy for not being awake, active, responsible stewards

Kerry ON- We are all Midwives in the Birthing of a New World, the Next America


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