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Son Of U.S. Consul General Luis Espada Is Webmaster For Online Hate Organization Targeting Muslims

Is the U.S. State Department involved in hate crimes against Arabs and Muslims?

Son Of  U.S. Consul General Luis Espada Is Webmaster For Online Hate Organization Targeting Muslims

A son of Consul General Luis Espada, stationed at the U.S. Embassy in Nicaragua is the webmaster of the KOBEHQ online hate website targeting Muslims.  The KOBEHQ website calls for internment of U.S. Muslims in concentration camps, the arrest of all Anarchists as Enemies of the State and genocide against Arabs and Muslims.

KOBEHQ has been online for more than two years now.  It takes credit for the following:

  • Shutting down dozens of Muslim and Arab online forums through harassment.  Harassment includes forum flooding with pornography, threats and hacking.
  • Shutting down several anarchist websites.
  • Reporting Anarchist Webmaster Sherman Austin to the FBI which led to his arrest and imprisonment.
  • Online stalking of anarchists.
  • Infiltration into anarchist groups, including active attempts at framing anarchists for crimes.

The KOBEHQ organization has forged articles in the names of anarchists, some of which were intended to prompt investigations by the Secret Service.  The KOBEHQ organization has also published articles naming anarchists as terrorists and asking Americans to report them to the FBI, Homeland Security and Secret Service.  KOBEHQ took credit for attempting to frame the Lucy Parson's Center of Boston by sending graphic materials of interest to the Secret Service to that center, by mail and tipping off the Secret Service that they would arrive.

KOBEHQ claims to have access to federal databases.  We want to know how.



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