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AIPAC PROTEST Dec 13th --No Funding Occupation!

Protest a banquet at the Oakland Marriot that celebrates taxpayer funding of military occupation of Palestine. U.S. taxpayers send over $3 billion every year to the Israeli military and AIPAC makes it happen. We will stop this madness.
Monday, December 13th, 5:30-7:30pm
Marriot Hotel, 1001 Broadway, Oakland (near 10th Street)

AIPAC, or the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a political lobby that promotes U.S. congressional funding of the Israeli military, will host a dinner at the Marriot Hotel. While Oakland citizens need money for housing, AIPAC will promote U.S. funding for destruction of homes of Palestinian families. While Oakland needs funding for schools, AIPAC will promote U.S. funding for policies that prevent Palestinian children from attending schools.

A wide coalition, in very short time, has formed to protest this event, see below for endorsing organizations. AIPAC’s unconditional support for military solutions to the crisis in Palestine is an affront to all people of conscience.

We are calling local officials and asking them to honor our picket line, and not attned this dinner.

Please see for local elected officials that need your calls. Check there after the event to see who attended the dinner, and action you can take.

We Demand Funding for Human Needs, Not the Israeli Military
Protest AIPAC promotion of our Tax Money for Occupation

Endorsed by Northern California International Solidarity Movement Support Group
Middle East Children’s Alliance
United for Peace and Justice, Bay Area
Justice in Palestine Coalition
Jewish Voice for Peace

See for the protest leaflet…. Spread the Word!

And though we are keeping the focus on the Oakland event, we hope to have a presence at the San Francisco event as well: Monday, Dec 13, 11:30 am Moscone Center South, San Francisco So if you can get the word out on that as well Even a small symbolic presence will be good there.

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Re: AIPAC PROTEST Dec 13th --No Funding Occupation!

This is a misguided protest. If the crux of the protest is to cut off the $3 billion a year in aid that Israel receives from the USA, why no mention of the $2 billion Egypt receives?

Most people reading the above post have no idea that the $3 billion in aid is one of the provisions in the 1979 peace treaty Israel has made with Egypt. President Jimmy Carter helped to broker that treaty. The provisions of it were that Israel was to return 94% of the land it conquered in the 1967 and return this oil-rich land to Egypt. In return, Israel was to get $3 billion in aid each year from the USA and Egypt was to get $2 billion.

This peace treaty was paid for with the life of Egyptian President Sadat and has kept peace between the two countries for 25 years! And now this "peace" group wants to tear up the peace treaty?????

How many un-knowing dupes showed up to join this protest without being informed of the true facts?
To me, it seems as if the organizers of this event are really a bunch of anti-semites who do not recognize the right of the Jews to have one tiny Jewish country in the mideast. And they are more than willing to present a distorted, one-sided version of the "facts" in order to villify Israel.


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