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Building Bridges Radio - Massacre of Workers in the Phillipines

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Building Bridges:
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The Hacienda Luisita Massacre, Landlordism and State Terrorism in the Phillipines
Roy Mahinay, Pres. Ntl Federation of Sugar Workers
Dabet Castaneda, Staff Writer,

In a violent strike dispersal in Hacienda Luisita sugar plantation recently, 14 people were killed, including two children aged 2 and 5 years old As if in a war zone, combined elements of hundreds of military and police attacked the picketing workers and thousands of supporters. As they rammed into the workers’ barricade, the military and police used water cannons, high-powered rifles, truncheons and teargas to disperse the strikers and their supporters. More than 5,000 sugar mill workers and sugarcane farmers of Hacienda Luisita, which is owned by ex-Pres.
Aquino, went on strike Nov. 6, barricading the gates to the sugar mill. More than the issue of wages, land distribution is the major demand of Hacienda Luisita workers. The strike arose from the deadlock in the
negotiations for a contract and the illegal dismissal of 327 workers.

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Re: Building Bridges Radio - Massacre of Workers in the Phillipines

It is good to see this issue getting more publicity. Here is a letter of solidarity I circulated and sent out to the Filipino workers last month.

It is with great sadness that I have read the news of the massacre of
striking workers at the at the Hacienda Luisita. I condemn this
murder of 14 people, two of them children, and injury to hundreds.
Likewise I demand the immediate release of all who have been

Today the U.S. government has troops in the Phillipines that are
supposedly there fighting against "terrorists" on the side of the
Filipino government. Yet this action of repression by the police
and Filipino armed forces lays clear that the true terrorist in the
Phillipines are the repressive forces of the government and the
capitalist interests they protect. U.S. support for the current set
of butchers in the Phillipines is only a continuation of their same
policies of support for the Marcos dictatorship.

The Worker's Democracy Party of the United States strongly condemns
these murders, calls for the immediate release of all strikers, and
demands that the U.S. government withdraw all troops from the

Sincerely, Steven Argue
For the Worker's Democracy Party


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