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Kerry Couldn't Help! Why?

In his testimony before Congress during the Viet Nam War,
Kerry asked "How do you ask someone to die for a mistake?"
It is common knowledge that a military draft will be
necessary to sustain the War in Iraq. Senator Kerry
does not wish to become our President in this time
of the disastrous mistake in Iraq. He would be doing
just what he found appalling in Viet Nam.

That is why he has not jumped into the recount fray.
And if you consider the actions of the Bush Administration,
they do not deserve to be "voted" out of office. They
should be impeached and in some instances, prosecuted!

Please, everyone, let's move in the correct direction. It
will take a huge effort since both houses of Congress
are in Bush's back pocket. But when the main stream
press starts divulging what is being found in Ohio and
Florida, his republican followers will start turning away.

Don't be too angry at Senator Kerry.......IMPEACH BUSH

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