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BREAKING NEWS: Blackwell Gets Promoted

Blackwell Given a Promotion

The Republicans are getting better and better at stealing the
elections from the American people.
From: The (Humorous) Newswire

In Florida 2000, they took 57.000 democrats off the voting Ohio 2004, Kenneth Blackwell took 155,000
democrats off the voting rolls - nearly a three fold increase!

In Ohio 2004, Blackwell kept the recount from starting until
Dec. 13, the day the Electors are chosen. That is a significant
improvement from 2000! This time the recount will be meaningless
thanks to the briliant stalling by Blackwell to "certify" the Nov. 2
vote in Ohio, and eliminating the need for the US Supreme Court
to rule on the matter.

President Bush is so pleased with Blackwell and his Republican Associates in Ohio
that they have been selected to oversee the elections in the upcoming election
in Iraq. This is a perfect fit for the Ohio Republican
Chairman and his democracy crew.

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