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post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

We need a lot more meaning and freedom in our lives. More connection, more intrigue, and more adventure. Adventure Club is part of our effort to create more joy and more resistance. Adventure Club may not change the world, but for those who commit to try, it will make their world more interesting, exciting, and engaged.

[ download the AC handbill (.pdf) ]
Adventure Club is post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

Think of Adventure Club as radical skill-share. It can range from rather tame to semi-hardcore direct action. Anything from extreme hide and seek to urban squatting to billboard liberation to more clandestine activism.

We are building new traditions and rituals. Adventure Club is fundamentally meaningful, giving people intellectual and emotional tools they need to survive in the world. AC actions always have a training element, are always physical, and are completed in a single night (or day). AC is not merely fun and pranks, but that's often part of it.

During Adventure Club you will be asked to go beyond the limits of what you may consider safe and comfortable, and sometimes beyond the limits of what is strictly legal.

Everyone brings unique skills to Adventure Club. In Adventure Club, everyone is contributing what they see as their best talent toward creating change in the world as well as learning new skills from others.

Think of it like this: if the world were to go to hell tomorrow, if we were to further descend into a jackbooted fascist police state or post-soviet era chaos - or if we create our new world full of music and dancing and wilderness - what skills would you wish you had?

Timing, Members, & Hosting

AC is held about once a month. Just frequently enough to give us something to look forward to, as well as time enough to get involved in other mischief.

One must be recommended to join Adventure Club or vouched in. AC helps create trust between loose networks of connected strangers and build connections for other projects.

Members don't know the date, time, location, or what to bring to Adventure Club until a week before it happens. You find out what you are doing for AC when you show up.

No one person runs Adventure Club. As a member, you are responsible for Adventure Club and will, at some point be asked to organize one. Got an idea? Take the initiative. If you need help, talk to us.

Adventure Club in Your Area

There is probably already an Adventure Club in your area. If there isn't, start one. Don't wait for someone to give you the okay. Just fucking do it. All it takes is gumption, a few friends, a skill you want to share, and a desire to make change and sneak around in the dark.

AC is an opportunity to learn a skill, teach it to others, and push our limits in a meaningful way. Don't sweat it if you are not an expert when you host. By the time it's over, you'll be a pro. Here are just some of the ideas we've either done or considered for Adventure Club:

Billboard Repurposing
Extreme Hide-and-Seek
Practical Forgery
Knife Fighting
Secure Communications
Breaking and Entering
Evading Security
Living in the Woods
Urban Camping
Road Blockades
Climbing barbwire & other barriers
Anonymous Money
Search and Seizure Rights
Climbing Buildings
Guerilla Gardening
Watching Clouds
Brazen Square-dancing
Rolling & burning cars

Develop your own style, but here's a few things that work for us. When you host, you make up the rules for the night. Give people freedom within structure, but don't get hung up on rules. The host thinks of everything including contingencies. Adventure Club doesn't hurt anyone or cause situations where people get hurt. Adventure Club doesn't cause destruction just for the fuck of it. Each person in AC is responsible for her or his own actions.

We're tired of feeling restless and angry and bored. We demand much much more from our lives and we want it now.


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AC handbill

Here is the newish nifty AC handbill. Print it double-sided two-up and fold all fan-fold stylee. Pass it to your friends and comrades. We also have a word doc version if you need to modify it.

download PDF (138.8 kibibytes)


Re: post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

How do I get in contact with y'all?! You have no contact info here!

Re: post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

do i even have to ask, 'wtf?'

Re: post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

ahh adventureclub..what a brilliant idear

Re: post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

Let the Adventures begin!
Meet at the clocktower Tomorrow,
Tuesday at 9pm.
Bring an idea and an alibi.

Re: post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

So, what are you? FBI, SC Sheriff? Folks, this is classic agent provocateur stuff - avoid it like the plague.

Re: post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

In Reference to:


We need a lot more meaning and freedom in our lives. More connection, more
intrigue, and more adventure. Adventure Club is part of our effort to
create more joy and more resistance. Adventure Club may not change the
world, but for those who commit to try, it will make their world more
interesting, exciting, and engaged.

I know there are things like this in large cities and
there is a tradition of urban spelunking. All these things
seem interesing but I can't see how many of them can be
done legally. I mean its like EarthFirst trying to hold monthly
meetings. If there aren't authorities there already what
will keep them away and from bothering people.

I mean some of this would be great as a sceince fiction
scenario but its fun in real reality. Anyway can you answer
these questions please.

(1) Why should I do this?
(2) What are the legal implications of Ithe things you propose?

Note, if its illegal and people even plan it as a joke and one
of them goes out and buys one item for it, that's the overt act
that starts the conspiracy chain going. It isn't necessay for one
to do anything bad to get in trouble, and you might have to explain
how it was a joke how you planned to shut down highway one
as say as a holiday stunt.

I can see want to have fun and get the emotional load off,
after being active in good causes can be tiring and depressing
at tiomes., but still it would only be worse if one got into legal
trouble over it.

I mean look what happened to art professor Steve Kurtz who
proposed to use hi-tech biology as Art and propsed kind of
daring happenings. His wife died and when he called 911 the
first responders than came thought his home sciene lab was
too spooky and he got into a lot of trouble.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

Re: post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

Gee I must be more worn out than I thought.
I meant is it fun in real reality? Most often
certain scenarios wouldn't be fun if you couldn't
back out of them or if they were more than fantasy.

When guess is this a SCI FI gamer or RPG type who
read "Drakon" and got really excited or a sociology or psychology student.

Have Fun,
Sens Stev

Re: post-apocalyptic revolutionary logistics training

Ha! The whole agent provocateur thing, is such a boring excuse to sit on your ass and not do shit. Do you really thing our law enforcement people are this imaginative? Come on. Yawn.

But hey, that's fine. You want to sit around and think of paranoid reasons why it is too dangerous, too infiltrated, too whatever to do anything but sit around and watch TV, good. We'll be out in the streets playing and having fun.

Did someone really do an AC at the clocktower? There's an email list, BTW, so if'n someone really wants to do an AC, that's the easy way.


Stop playing, you spoiled lumpenproles. Get OFF the web, keep your mouth shut, and do what is necessary.


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