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guns at school

yesterday there was a lock down at mission hill school when one student threatened to shoot another.
this was not in the sentinal for some reason.

the school was locked down until the gun was found. I have no information as to what happened to those involved. these kids are around 13 years old.

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Re: guns at school

can you cite a source for this information?
did a student provide this info? a teacher?
please do tell.....

Re: guns at school

a teacher from another school.

all schools in the area were notified.

my guess is that it was not in the sentinal because the last time they sensationalized an incident that took place at santa cruz high (students were not involved) they got a lot of flak.

also there probably is an additional motivation to stem the flow of parents wanting to remove their kids from public schools.

Re: guns at school

I'm sure the Sentinel has no concern about stemming the flow into private schools. This is a big part of corporate and government policy. They run down the public schools, or outright shut them down and push more and more education into the private sector where both profits and religious indoctrination can be made at the expense of education.

Perhaps it is a prejudice of my big city upbringing, but a student bringing a gun to school does not seem very news worthy to me. I remember all the bad publicity that surrounded a stabbing that took place at my high school. I was amongst those that complained about the complete lack of good coverage of our school or neighborhood.

An over emphasis of coverage of local violence in the corporate media of the United States often gives people an exaggerated sense of danger and helps drive bad public policies like spending on cops and prisons over schools.

Yet, the Sentinel is not only a very bad paper ideologically, they are also incompetent and may have completely missed that there was a potential story.

Re: guns at school

"also there probably is an additional motivation to stem the flow of parents wanting to remove their kids from public schools."

this might have been a result of the school trying to keep the incident from being publicized.

when a kid threatens to kill another and has brought a gun along it seems like something people would like to know.

Re: guns at school

Children bearing handguns and other firearms at school is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT you liberals!!!!!

Re: guns at school

"constitution-defender" is so absurd that he/she is probably trying to discredit those of us who oppose attempts at the government's unilateral disarmament of the people. A kid with a gun that apparently was threatening to use against another student, this of course is not a right.

Re: guns at school

Regarding the "god" given right to bring guns to school (according to constiution -defender) how would he feel if some kid shot his son or daughter?

The old testament vengeful "gods" have had a long shelf-life and need to be dumped!

Men invented all the "gods" by writing scripture (god's script). They pulled all their "gods" out of their ear (or an orfice further south) and have been using "god" as their ventriliquist dummys to tell women and non rich men what to do.

Women must "obey" men and poor men must obey rich men and work till they collapse from old age. They then "go to heaven" to get their reward. What a line of cosmic ca-ca!

This is how the rich men who invented "god "extract maximun utility out of each consumer-worker-soldier-breeder unit.

Of course, "god" said women cant have an abortion or use birth control. This would disrupt the mass production of the uterine assembly line and the industrial mass production of slaves and breeders would be monkey wrenched.

Women must stop obeying men and ignore this 5,000 year old "god-ordained" patriarchal steaming, crock of cosmic shit! The worlds longest running hoax!!

Re: guns at school

Is anyone else here a parent who wants, first and foremost, to teach their children how to survive...if parents die, society collapses, etc.?


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