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Major Media Refuses to Focus on the Recount

Main stream media, for the most part, is refusing
to report on the Ohio recount and the emerging
reports of voter fraud, disenfranchisement, and
suppression. It is an extremely disgusting situation,
with literally thousands of people volunteering to
count every vote and those brave and wonderfull
people protesting in the bitter cold about what
I will not make excuses for the lack of national coverage,
but please, just try to imagine yourself as one of the
thousands of family members whose loved one came
home in a box, or without an arm or a leg. Can you do
that? If you can feel the pain and devastation and sickness
of that, try to feel the exponential devastation of that feeling
with the constant barage that it was given to an illegal
admistration for no reason other than political gain,
or whatever.

Do not expect the major media to jump at this recount
with open arms. There are too many broken hearts in
our country ( ours too, for losing a second election, but
you must admit that we have other outs, and these families
do not ). The main press is keeping an eye on the situation,
you can be sure of that. They know that you people are out there
looking for the truth. And you are getting very close to
blowing it wide eye wittness to e-vote manipulation,
and a whistle blower of e-vote flip programs.

You are being relied upon to bring the truth out, and you are
doing a fantastic job. My sickness caused by the Nov. 2
election is gone because of all of the couragous people taking
a stand and working to find the truth.

But you must have it rock have got to have it
NAILED have got to get it so thorough that
you can get it through the courts, before the major media
will allow these unfortunate families to be taken to a
place where they might be devastated a second
time. And that will not be easy!

The Right wing extremists that are behind the
stolen election have thought of everything.
Be aware of the fact that they knew what your reactions would
be and they have contingency plans waiting. You are seeing them
unfold before you right now. You have a tough row to hoe, my
friends. They were well prepaired for all of this.

We all wish you good luck, and a mariner's patience.

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