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Cover-Up using Mass Hypnosis Campaign:Vote Zealots UnderMine Confidence

Lead editorial from Cleveland Plain Dealer NewsElites progamming
efforts to 'tenderize' the populace with insidious perception
management & reality control campaign. The 4-man team piously SPEWS
deceptive, ignorant, crude reasoning in a blatant, though, pathetic
attempt to marginalize and ridicule the inteGRITy of Americans
valiantly Defending the Vote & Free, Fair and Honest Elections.
What do you expect from the Oligarch's wayward misinformation
ministers? but to, in blind denial, Project blame for a crisis of
confidence, legitimacy onto the very Democracy Watchers- who are
working hard to clean, straighten out, Reclaim and Renew Civic
respect for this Country's Ideals. WE Refuse to REWARD criminal
conduct with regards to Our Civil Rights & the Right to Civil
Elections- the absolute Bedrock of Constitutional Governance. On
December 15th this sickening to read article was shamefully
belched: MoveOn.Now- The ZEALOTS who refuse to accept Ohio's vote
count RISK UnderMining confidence in the 'system' itself,(here are
some intellectual Honkers profferred) 1)Most Americans, including
vast majority of Kerry supporters- believe Bush won (show me the
data, poll, recent poll I saw was that 72% believe we are heading
in the WRONG direction,+ powers that currently Be, probably not
allowed to run poll on election doubts) 2)admit routine technical
glitches and
errors (all favoring the Fix, and thats why we say ENOUGH, cuz with
Bush this is becoming all too routine!) 3)Irresponsible campaign
aimed at undermining public confidence in the electoral system
itself (this is a SERIOUS charge, Have any of the websites or Org's
investigating these crimes have in their goals or mission
statements The Aim of UnderMining ANYTHING- Except requesting that
Democracy stay up past It's BedTime?) Let it be known that smarmy
suspicious misreporting,
underreporting and character smears ARE PoliTacTics insidously
undermining and tearing
this nation down by choking Democracy-which BREATHES upon Informed
Consent of the Governed. How can these so-called 'power elite'
disparage, sit idly by, plus aid and abet the CHOKE of the Vote and
now resort to JOKE the Vote. 'They' feel the need to define US as,
Dissidents, Zealots, Doubters,
Diehards who enjoy the taste of sour grapes. Grow up and GET to work
and do your Job, like the DieHard battery's electromagnetic energy
this fraud has stoked a
PaulRevere calling & Founding Fathers spirit ALIVE and we are gonna
out hustle, out Care and OUT the malfeasence
in defense of this cause -We Hold Dear! But hey, friend How 'bout a
bite to eat? how do you like your CROW prepared?
BLAST THESE 'HEADSPACE-FOR-RENT' imPropagandists Ebox's with some
verbal kinetic kindness, CONTACT opportunities below.
ALL the News that FITS- We Print
incestous Gov/Media is unethically The ONE undermining confidence in the Truth
and a vital independent quest for real knowledge by perpetually numbing and
dumbing down anyone who defiles and infects themselves by paying
any attention to there PAP & bothering to buy their PAPer! IF this
"Valid" election
is such a given why did Karen
Hughes warn this one-term president "It doesn't look good" to the
'sanguine' Bush on election day? Why did nervous Ken Blackwell
lock-down public records in the middle of log book inspections? Why
did a 'tech' person from Triad tamper with a machine and suggest
'proper' vote totals?, tainting an ongoing recount. Why are people
getting run off the road? and why is the FBI involved in a couple
states? Rove simple 'declared' themselves the winner and the bought
off media reported this, Unfortunately- they are now panicking as
what they reported cannot stand up to an audit, fair independent
analysis and verification of a legitimate election. They
perpetually repeat over and over the middle of the night figures
and on the vote totals, I feel they should include the *trademark
symbol after the totals 61.7million and 119,000. STEAL Our Vote?
STEAL Our Future!

The zealots who refuse to accept Ohio's vote count risk undermining
confidence in the system itself
Wednesday, December 15, 2004
Most Americans, including the vast majority of those who supported
John Kerry for president, have grasped the most basic reality of
Election Day 2004:

George W. Bush was re-elected. He won roughly 60.7 million votes
and carried 31 states with 286 electoral votes. Ohio's 20 Electoral
College members formally cast ballots for the president Monday in
the Statehouse.

Unfortunately, there is a small, but very vocal, group of Americans
who refuse to accept this reality. They argue that what appear to
be routine technical glitches and human errors were in fact an
elaborate conspiracy to skew the election results. They claim that
long lines at a few polling places, the rather unsurprising result
of high voter interest, were evidence of a systematic campaign to
discourage participation. In short, having failed to get the
outcome they wanted at the polls, they have decided to mount an
irresponsible campaign aimed at undermining public confidence in
the electoral system itself.

Ohio, arguably the most intensive battleground for Bush and Kerry,
has been the No. 1 target of these diehards.

Since Election Day, they have seized on isolated problems in a
relative handful of this state's 11,366 precincts as proof of
greater ills or even criminal activity.

One speaker in Columbus over the weekend likened Ohio to Ukraine.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson has complained of widespread "fraud and

The Green and Libertarian parties, whose presidential candidates
got a combined three-tenths of one percent of the vote in Ohio on
Nov. 2, have demanded a recount of the state's 5.7 million ballots.
That will cost taxpayers about $1.4 million. A coalition of
critics, led by a former Ohio organizer for Ross Perot, has asked
the Ohio Supreme Court to overturn the presidential election, as
well as the outcome in the race for chief justice. The Kerry
campaign, reflecting its leader's maddening desire to have
everything both ways, has said it does not expect a recount to
change anything - yet has also issued a list of things it wants
local elections officials to double-check.

Obviously, there were problems on Election Day. There always are.
Elections are run by imperfect humans. Many individual polling
places are in the hands of civic-minded neighbors with a few hours
of training. Machines malfunction. Voters mess up ballots.

But Ohio has already done its usual intensive post-election audit
and reconciliation, a process designed to spot mistakes. That
canvass resulted in Bush's unofficial 136,000-vote margin being
reduced to the 119,000-vote edge that Secretary of State Kenneth
Blackwell certified last week.

Ohio's bipartisan elections system makes the kind of GOP conspiracy
that some allege all but impossible to execute. Every county board
of elections consists of two Democrats and two Republicans. So when
Jackson and other national Democrats question Ohio's outcome, they
demean their own allies. William Anthony Jr., the African-American
who chairs both the Franklin County Democratic Party and its
elections board, has been personally stung by Jackson's slander:
"Why would I sit there and disenfranchise my own community?" he

The recount will go forward because by law it must; history
suggests few votes will change. But it is time to focus on how to
make future elections more efficient.

Clearly it would help if groups that register new voters did not
deliver thousands of applications at the last minute. Ohio also
needs an early voting system to relieve at least some of the
pressure on Election Day. And rather than retreating from
electronic voting machines, the state needs to find a secure system
and back it up with a paper record.

Common-sense solutions can make a difference. Endless sour grapes will not.

Editorial team= Alex Machaskee(owner), Douglas C. Clifton, Robert
M. Long, Brent W. Larkin

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Slam Poem

THIS is for The Men who would PLAY God

Alot of...People been DYIN'-all around these WhiteMen

for over 500 YEARS!

WHO Decides? WHOSE Time OR Turn it is To DIE!

you know, sometimes, a helicopter will just happen to appear IN THE SKY

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THIS is for the Men who WOULD play GOD

Foolish, Childish
Lunatic Scoundrels in DENIAL


-KujaaySHakkaLeeah (propensity for positive change in times of
crisis moving into higher equilibriums)

*plutocrats didn't give Their MOM's the Right to Vote till 1920

**Impress upOn EveryOne You Meet the Potency of Their Existence

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Re: Cover-Up using Mass Hypnosis Campaign:Vote Zealots UnderMine Confidence

All the "gods" and scripture (the scripts) were written by MEN. Men us their imaginary ""gods" as ventriliquist dummies to spew the "words of "god" (MEN) to grant themselves power over women.

So, men dont play god, for all practical purposes MEN ARE GOD

Figure it out. Who runs the world? Who starts the wars? Who contrrols the global econony?

Women or men?

Who has the most money? Who uses weapons and brainwashed soldiers to protect their wealth?

Women must stop listening to and obeying men.


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