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Tuesday December 21 10 AM Reading of the Names of Homeless Locals Who Died This Year

Today at 10 AM at 115 Coral Street (Hiway 1 and River Sts.) at the Homeless Service Center (probably in the dining bay), the community will remember the homeless people who died in 2004, read their names aloud, and speak about them.
As summarized. Sorry this post is so late. A list of the names of the dead will be posted soon.

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Names of those who died Homeless in Santa Cruz

This list was prepared by the Homeless Persons Health Project and the Homeless Services Center of Santa Cruz. These 30 deaths occurred between December 22, 2003 and December 21, 2004. This list is considered an undercount.

Linda Clark-Morris age 47
Richard Bigbee age 54
Dennis Allen Cox age 56
Richard Miller age 79
Jennifer Deane age 44
Francisco Ruiz age 39
Ronald Bradley age 61
John Alfred Signer age 55
Michael William Holiday age 39
Bud Armento age 71
Charles Nicolini age 46
John Ranconi age 74
Joseph Bader III age 47
James Hemsted age 57
Allen Keller Jr. age 63
Larry Gourley age 53
James Kelly age 57
Michael Bonita age 48
Gus Lekas age 42
Robert Todd age 50
Larry Sidebottom age 54
Keith Crow age 47
Dean Lawson age 43
William Scott Simmons age 46
Stephanie Montes age 27
Ronald Lipscomb age 54
Karl Eric Hoyt age 45
Shawn Fairless age 24
Jon Brayton age 65
Robert Wagner age 58
Lynne Klein age 49
Victor Omeir age 70
Edgar Miller age 56
Roy Lovato age 49
Robert Harrison age 71
Joseph Blair age 55
Betty Kurtz age 53

there are 37 names

their average age is 52.6.

Re: Tuesday December 21 10 AM Reading of the Names of Homeless Locals Who Died This Year

I fully endorse projects like this and we need MANY more of them. I want the City of Santa Cruz to pay for memorials to these people in the form of affordable housing NOW.

Every middle class person who goes to bed in a house with an extra unoccupied *room* SHOULD BE ASHAMED for that luxury while people die outside their doors. In a town as rich as Santa Cruz, the only excuse for people dying on the streets homeless and cold is greed of the part of the "haves." I will accept no other explanation.

Re: Tuesday December 21 10 AM Reading of the Names of Homeless Locals Who Died This Year

Ronald Lipscomb was my brother, i hadnt seen him for several years and had no idea where he was. I want to thank the city of Santa Cruz for notifying me and taking care of his final needs.


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