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Saturday, February 12 Alternative/Independent Media Conference in Fresno

There will be an alternative/independent media conference in Fresno on Saturday, February 12, 2005.
There will be an alternative/independent media conference in Fresno on Saturday, February 12, 2005. Workshops will include:

* Workshops on photojournalism. We expect to have both a beginning and advanced workshop
* Workshop on grassroots journalism. How to research, write, and publish your article. At least one class for people who are new to journalism. We want to bring in activists who are in community groups to help them better understand the writing process so they can better tell their stories. If time permits, we will have another workshop for more advanced writers.
* Alternative radio workshop. We are inviting journalists who are active in radio news production. In addition we hope to have several of the low power FM and pirate radio activists to attend.
* We will have a workshop on the philosophy and practical side of Indymedia. Learn how “open publishing? works and how you can publish your articles, video, photos, and audio to Indymedia.
* A workshop on how community groups can work more effectively with local media. How to write a Press Release, hold a press conference and more.
* Learn about your rights to Public Access Programming on the cable network Find out about the struggle for cable access in Fresno and what that will mean for Free Speech.
* Making Photos & Videos from Inside the Movement - advocating vs. reporting.
* Making Organizational Web Pages - public education through creating and maintaining web pages of text, photos and video clips. Techniques for using video frames for still images and other concepts.

It is very likely that additional workshops will be added. Community groups are welcome to set up a literature table at this event. Location and the workshop times are pending and will be posted soon. For more information contact:

Mike Rhodes
Community Alliance magazine
P.O. Box 5077
Fresno Ca 93755
(559) 978-4502
AllianceEditor (at)

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