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Actual Astrology

These predictions, based on Actual Astrology, are rather like a weather report. No matter what your sun sign, these are the things that will be. Yours is the obligation to figure out what you’re going to do in light of them.
January: the Month in Review

This month is the last before Jupiter, ruler of luck and expansion, turns retrograde for four months. Retrograde is when a planet, due to the relative positions in our respective orbits, appears to go backward. While this is an optical illusion, the effects are no illusion. When a planet goes retrograde, those things that planet rules are less accessible. So this is the time to take all those actions that require extra luck. Push to rise up and out of the rut in which you find yourself. The extra effort this requires won’t be easy, due to Saturn’s retrograde, but in six weeks, things will be so different astrologically that it won’t even be possible. Force yourself to do what you must and don’t stop just because you step on somebody’s toes. Clarify to those you must that, starting now, you are making an all-out effort to work toward your goals and will consider any interference, even disguised as helpful or sound advice, as sabotage. Remember too that those times that are the luckiest and best for you don’t always find you feeling your luckiest or best.

All times are given in Pacific Standard Time

Friday, December 31st

New Year’s Eve and a Friday night, combined with the fact that a sun/moon trine will have people feeling good about themselves, means that tonight will be a heavier drinking night than the usual New Year’s Eve. Unlike three years ago, it is not a dangerous night, although the obvious care is recommended. People cannot put the year behind them, even a year as fraught with trials as this one, without a certain amount of regret. There are diehard habits that should have long ago been lain to rest and old acquaintances who must never be forgot even if not to be seen again in this lifetime. Have a somber, sacred night and be ready to face a brand new and incredibly lucky month ahead, and grievous trials beyond that.

Saturday January 1st

Leo moon goes Void of Course (see note below) at 1:29 PM until entering Virgo at 4:15 PM
Moon squares Mercury 11:45 AM
Moon squares Venus 1:29 PM
Moon squares Pluto 6:25 PM
Moon sextiles Saturn 10:26 PM

Even those who didn’t drink will be hung over; that’s how astrologically obstructed it is. Take it easy. Shhh.

Just like last month, although not quite as difficult, Venus, ruler of luxury and love, and Mars, ruler of aggression, are in very close relation and so what happens to one is apt to occur to the other in fairly short order. Add to this that Mercury is also close to the others. This will make things seem profound. Don’t overreact. Of course, there is the overriding concern of Saturn, ruler of structure and discipline, being retrograde which it has been for about seven weeks and will be for still another three months. This is a tough season but very, very lucky for those who know how to use it. These are the things to think about today as the month stretches out before you.

Sunday, January 2nd

Virgo moon
Moon sextiles Mars 7:28 PM

Rested? No? Too bad. Go and keep going; the day favors taking on hard tasks and using great energy.

This is the day to set up your schedule for the week in light of what has just happened. Saturn retrograde will make things in general seem like more work. So expect to do more than you did last fall to get a smaller result. But also expect and act upon LUCK, because with all this stuff causing problems, luck is still with you. So, today is the day to clear the decks. Watch your calendar and expect that, when Mars and Venus are triggered so closely together, as will happen especially during the first week and so of January, isolating those most lucky times and having yourself sufficiently organized and charged up for the event is what’s going to make the money.

Monday, January 3rd

Virgo moon enters the 10th House of Career at 9:47 AM
Sun squares Moon 9:47 AM
Moon trines Neptune 10:42 AM
Venus conjuncts Pluto 3:32 PM
Moon conjuncts Jupiter 5:26 PM

Be smart. This is a hugely lucky day that feels bad; go with those feelings and you won’t go at all. Move it.

Start the week off right, acting on that luck. Today feels awful. Nothing new there; it’s a sun/moon square and they always feel rotten; however, it is also a moon/Jupiter conjunction, making this emotionally difficult day also one of the luckiest of the month. Get a grip on those errant passions and put your luck to work or lose. Putting luck to work takes two separate efforts. First, you have to, as mentioned, get a grip on that passion and that will be difficult as you won’t want to. Force yourself. The second is knowing how to use your luck. The easiest way is to be fully engaged in what you do best for the best of reasons. The more attention you attract, the better.

Tuesday, January 4th

Virgo moon goes Void of Course at 9:23 AM.
Mercury goes Void at 2:25 AM until the 8th.
Venus goes Void at 4:18 PM until the 7th.
Moon sextiles Mercury 2:25 AM
Moon sextiles Pluto 3:07 AM
Moon sextiles Venus 4:18 AM
Moon squares Saturn 6:23 AM
Mercury conjuncts Pluto 9:58 AM
Moon trines Uranus 11:19 PM

You can take it easier, especially on yourself. Everything is too much work and you’ve been doing a lot of late. Haven’t you?

Here again, Mercury and Venus are in close harmony and fortunately the aspect is fortunate. This will not always be the case. Use wit and love, not to think about what you love or ponder why you aren’t loved enough, but recognize this as a very social combination and act accordingly.
The advantage lies in the earlier part of the day. Make those social contacts over breakfast, brunch and lunch; then expect to have to dig in and develop what those contacts stirred up, so you can put it into use tomorrow. The more this socializing is with authorities, the better for your cause.

Wednesday, January 5th

Virgo moon enters Libra at 6:33 PM and the 11th House of Preferences at 8:00 PM.
Moon squares Neptune 4:40 PM
Sun sextiles Moon 8:00 PM

Also a good day, as in nice and smooth and nothing to obstruct your plans, plus some very nice social stuff.

This is an easier day than yesterday and the day to put all those good ideas and good energy of yesterday to work, to see just how practical all that wonderful stuff actually is. Don’t be disappointed to the point of calling it quits if things don’t seem as perfect as expected. They’re still pretty perfect. There will be little resistance to your plans today and no social resistance at all. This is a great day for fiancés to meet their prospective in-laws but that may not be your primary concern. So for you it is still a good day to meet partners, investors, collaborators and other prospective team members.

Thursday, January 6th

Libra moon goes Void of Course at 10:32 AM
Moon trines Saturn 10:32 AM

Don’t just dream that impossible dream. Throw yourself into the impossible task and you will make it happen.

This is just about the time in an astrological report that a person - you for example - starts thinking, “Investor? Who’s going to invest in me?? Great question, and as you read these words for the first time, make note there are people and you should start figuring out who as early as possible who can be of financial assistance. To a great degree, who is not the real question regarding investors. There are always venture capitalists who want to invest; the real question is how to get them to invest with you. The answer is more than presentation; it is in receptivity. You have to know well before today what those dreams of yours might cost an investor.

Friday, January 7th

Libra moon enters Scorpio at 1:01 AM.
Venus enters Sagittarius at 10:23 AM.
Moon squares Uranus 2:42 AM
Moon conjuncts Mars 10:39 AM
Sun squares Jupiter 6:15 PM
Moon sextiles Neptune 6:51 PM

Have a plan to use energy, of which there will be too much. Don’t count on luck, of which there will be none.

Having made what best contacts you could again yesterday, plan again today to dig in, focus your energy on what you’ve just learned and, for heaven’s sake, don’t take any chances. This is a big, bad, unlucky day which rolls around only a few times a year, so extra caution is mandatory.
This is especially true as Mars conjuncting with the moon will add huge reserves of energy with which most folk won’t know what to do, so they’ll be frustrated and angry and therefore self-destructive, sabotaging their plan in fits of petty fury instead of using what they have.


* To make an 8,000 - 10,000 year long story short, Actual Astrology is the kind practiced by those great little guys who invented astrology. To the people of Sumeria and, for all we know, before, the study of the movements of the astral bodies and their relationships to earthly events was ever of extreme importance. They documented both. Their astrological reports recording planetary and star positions included observations of the weather, market prices, political change, royal disposition, water levels, birth defects, the appearance of strange animals, the flights of birds, the dreams of common people and the behavior of livestock. These people, founders of civilization, and those who followed, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians treated this study as a state project. In time, it became both the science and religion of these peoples. Thousands of people, over thousands of years, observed and recorded, considered and calculated, creating the only database of this kind. For 2000 years after the fall of Babylon, astronomy fell to not thousands of people, but three - Hipparchus, Ptolemy and Copernicus - and they didn’t bother to note concurrent events. Western astrology today is built on formulas and fallacies designed by Greeks who couldn’t read cuneiform.

IMPORTANT. When the Moon goes Void, or Void of Course, it means the moon has made its last significant aspect in a sign and will be considered Void or Void of Course until it changes signs. It is commonly held that things begun when the moon is Void will come to nothing. These times are, however, usually excellent for taking care of old business.

Notice that some of the astrological information here, like the time of exact planetary aspects, is very similar to what you will find in other sources you may study. However, the timing of Moon Voids and the house and sign changes of the astrological bodies are among the original calculations that will not agree with other sources. It is my belief that the information given here, based on the oldest and most accurate systems of astrology, is more reliable than what you will find elsewhere.

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