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Southern Africa: Women Working Together to Change Their Lives

Presentation by Jane Yett at January 18th WILPF meeting in Santa Cruz
In Southern Africa: Women Working Together to Change Their Lives will be the topic of a presentation by Jane Yett, a photographer and WILPF member, who has recently returned from South Africa where she visited grassroots women's projects in several townships. “I saw places where the seed of hope for the world is germinating�, says Yett. “Among the poorest of the poor, shifts in the power structure come from community organizing, the surest way to create something of nothing, conjuring power where there was no power before, and weaving organizations together into a social movement.�

There is nothing, nothing, nothing,
That two women, working together, cannot do,
Before noon. - Anonymous

Ms Yett will describe in words and photos, how some women carry their work forward, what gifts and demands they present to us, and some thoughts about our options.

Third World women don't need us to save them as much as we need them to save us. They are pushing against the same forces that we push against: corporate power, environmental degradation, disenfranchisement, loss of social safety nets...and their collaborations and victories strengthen ours.

Jane Yett, is a fund-raiser for nonprofit organizations, especially groups working in Africa and in Nicaragua. She taught writing, Third World studies, and environmental studies at UCSC for several years. She has travelled to Africa in 1970, 1989, and 2004, most recently with her children, ages 9 and 12.

When: 7pm Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Where: Quaker Meeting House, 225 Rooney Street, Santa Cruz
For more information: 457 6797

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