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A Petition To Ask For Rumsfeld's Resignation

Please sign the petition by visiting the link and forward it to all your friends.

I'm trying to get a lot of signatures for this petition to ask Rumsfeld to resign. I think if a lot of people start piling on, this thing could really energize our people- give us confidence & momentum.

I hope everyone will read it, sign up, and pass it on to your friends.

Take a look. I think it's really good.

Here's the text:

To Our Representatives In All Branches Of The Government Of The United States of America, To Our Fellow Americans, And To The World:

We the undersigned request that the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld from the office of Secretary of Defense of the United States of America be presented to George W. Bush without delay.

Mr. Rumsfeld has continually failed America in his official capacity, bringing nothing but despair and dishonor to us.

After we were attacked on September 11, 2001, Mr. Rumsfeld pressed his subordinates to forge a connection between the attacks and the nation of Iraq, although no such connection ever, in reality, existed. For Mr. Rumsfeld, the blood of our families was a mere means to his private ends in pursuing a war in Iraq, and his actions have led directly to further theft of lives of American military personnel, as well as Iraqis, most of them civilians.

In prosecuting this war and its aftermath, Mr. Rumsfeld has demonstrated a persistent and rankling disregard for the professional judgment of our Armed Forces' uniformed leadership, and has put in its place astonishing instances of bungling that have taken their toll in human lives and suffering and that have bewildered the troops and the people of America:

He has taken on an overtly evasive, demeaning, deceitful attitude towards the agents of the news media, our only source of information on which to judge the handling and effects of the war;

He has failed to ensure that our troops are provided with armor for their vehicles that has continually shown to make a difference in protecting them from bomb attacks. While the armor's manufacturers have claimed that they were not produicing armor at capacity, the Administration claimed that armor could not be provided any quicker. Rumsfeld told troops that "you go to war with the army you have," yet he could have prepared the army because he went to war at a time of the Administration's choosing. Rumsfeld's callous remarks demonstrate a cold detachment from the plight of troops under fire and even disrepect for their sacrifice. Rumsfeld has failed to request that the excessive $44 million set aside for George W. Bush's Inauguration party from be spent instead on armor. Apparentally regaling political VIPs is more important to Mr. Rumsfeld than protecting our fighting men and women;

He has further demonstrated disregard for and detachment from the sacrifice of our Armed Forces by failing to sign notifications of deaths of troops sent to their families. And yet he has had the audacity to question the patriotism of others. Understandably, Mr. Rumsfeld's actions have led to both discontent among our troops, and a very low place for him in their esteem. Yet despite this many troops have experienced continual difficulties receiving their due pay and benefits.

For all of the above reasons, Mr. Rumsfeld has more than demonstrated that he is unfit to exercise the powers and responsibilities of the office of Secretary of Defense of the United States of America: he has orchestrated an outright betrayal of the American people.


The Undersigned

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