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The Parade Must End: A call for an Anti-Authoritarian Bloc for the January 20, 2005 protest of the Presidential Inauguration in Washington D.C.

In August of 2004 the Republican National Convention came to New York City. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country marched peacefully and followed the law. This did not stop the police from illegally arresting people in mass while the Bush administration ignored one of the largest marches in NYC history. In January, if the police again attempt to forgo their own laws and arrest demonstrators, we will defend ourselves against this unlawful state repression. It is not enough to merely demonstrate against Bush or the war in Iraq. We must take action against the everyday war that is the system and for a new one based on mutual aid and cooperation.

We will act in support of all who want to be in D.C. and demonstrate against the system and its transgressions against freedom, whether in the Middle East or here at home. A space will be made for people to exercise their 1st Amendment rights whether the police allow it or not. We will not submit to illegal arrests, unlawful searches, or

Four years ago hundreds of us opened the parade route to those who believe no one should be forced to submit to searches by the Secret Service. While Bush supporters in their fur coats and cowboy hats waved their American flags, we burned ours and hoisted the black flag high above them all. The only way we can lose is if we do nothing. Our greatest enemy is our own fear.

Meet at 12:30 P.M. in Franklin Square. Look for black flags and a large banner and don't forget to bring your own!

Washington D.C. is our chance to voice our opposition to the old corrupt order, and more importantly, to voice our support for a new one without rulers.

-New York Counter Inaugural Cluster


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